*University President Inaugurated Labs of Physics and Geology Departments at Faculty of Science      *Faculty of Law Organizes Welcoming Ceremony for New Students      *University President Hosts Former Minister of Tourism Dr. Hesham Zaazou      *University President's Decision to Apply the Minimum Salaries      *Minister of Environment and Fayoum Governor Inspect Sustainable Transport Project
Prof.Dr. Zeinab Moawed el- Bahi Prof.Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Hassan
Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hosny Ibrahim Prof.Dr. Naser Ewais Abd El-Tawab Gad
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Den Abdel Aziz Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Fathi MohamedMahmoud
Prof.Dr. Moustafa Mohamed Kassem Zedan Prof.Dr. Emad Farouk Mohamed Saleh
Prof.Dr. Asmaa Abu Baker Abdel Kader Saleh Prof.Dr.Yossef Mohamed Abdel Hamid  
Prof.Dr. Mushira Mohamed Sha'rawi Mahmoud Prof.Dr. Manal Farouk Sayed
Prof.Dr. Mervat El Sayed Khatery Prof.Dr. Ahlam Abdul Momin Ali Mohamed
Prof.Dr. Manal Hamdy Mohamed El- Tayeb
.   Assistant Professor
Dr. Fatma Mahmoud Abdel Alim Dr. Abeer Hasan Mustafa Allam
Dr. Safaa Aziz Mahmoud
Dr. Sabah Hasan Ali Dr. Emad Mohamed Mohamed Abd el Slam
Dr. Shimaa Hussein Rabie Dr. Hakema Ragab Ali Zedan
Dr. Saad Eid Kassem Zidan Dr. Shamia Gamal Sayed Ali
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Masoud Ali Abdel Hamid Ali Mr. Hany Goda Mosbah Abo Khurais
Ms. Asmaa Ahmad Genidi Genidi Ms. Heba Ahmed Rashad Mohamed
Ms. Hanan tantawy ahmed abd el-tawab Ms. Nada AlHusseini Mohamed El-Sayed
Mr. Eslam Mohamed Fares Moustafa
Ms. Linda said Mohamed Ms. Iman Abdel Moneim Abdel Azim
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