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-The Prime Minister's Decree No. 2584 of 2007 was issued regarding appointing Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid Abdel Tawab Sabry as a Vice-President of Fayoum University for Community Service and Environmental Development since 25/11/2007.
-From 17/1/2007 to 24/11/2007, Prof. Dr. Mohammed El Khaleely Barakat, Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research took over the responsibilities of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector.
Responsibilities of the Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development:
-Overseeing the preparation of plans and programs that ensure the role of the university in community service and environmental development.
-Supervising the administration of the special units that provide services or some of its services to non-students, except university hospitals.
-Supervising the university facilities that provide services to non-students.
- overseeing the implementation of various training programs for civil servants and the private sector.
- Examining the reports submitted by faculties and recommendations for scientific conferences related to community service and environmental development before being presented to the University Council.
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