President Message

Welcome to the great community of Fayoum University.

          It is a privilege for me to be chosen as a president of Fayoum University during extremely difficult circumstances as the nation faces serious and fatal events that affect the political destiny, the economic property and the future of social security. The alarm bell rang on all spectrums of society especially the university, the tug of science and culture, however, we are confident of the staff members' ability and students' awareness to overcome these difficulties and move forward for a better future.

          Actually, I am here to fight the routine that control over the organization. As part of my duties, I'll be present everywhere inside and outside the campus because the current phase is critical and need to redouble the efforts, focus on the production and improve services. By the will of God, this will be done through four phases:

First: To maintain on all the gains made during the tenure of former Heads of university to be able to build on and develop it.

Second: reforming any improper system, fighting corruption and restoring things to the right path.

Third: developing all university systems in order to access the quality and accreditation.

Fourth: achieving the University goals via the scientific Knowledge that keeps up with the modern age. One day, we may reach for the fifth phase of excellence that distinguishes Fayoum University among Egyptian and Arab universities.

         The University has to reach the lead through achieving excellent growth rates in the various sectors of scientific research, student educational activities, and community service, depending on modern scientific and technical bases. We will spare no effort in embracing all the innovative ideas and creative visions that achieve the ultimate goal of the University as enlightening and cultural organization in the community. It needs our efforts to become a leading and distinguished educational institution in technology and arts according to the international standards of quality.

         Only by science, Nations can reach to prosperity and civilization. With you, we will fulfill all the wishes we have for our university and our dear country, Egypt. May God guide us to the best!
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