Declaration of the results of the committees of the Union of Fayoum University students
Under the welfare of Pro.Dr.Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum University,Pro.Dr. Mohammed Abdl El Wahab, vice president for students and education affairs witnessed elections of the students union on the level of university faculties for 2017-2018 that organized by the general management of youth welfare on Thursday 14/12/2017at the hall of conferences in the central library in presence of Pro.Dr.Khalid Ata Allah, advisor of the university president for students’ activities and crisis,DrWaealeTobar the general coordinator for students’ activities and Dr.MahmoudAbdAlmoumen assistant professor in the faculty of rights in the university,Mr.HeshamRagab the general director for youth welfare and a number of students from different faculties of the university.

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