Fayoum University participates in the 20th Creative Student Forum in Jordan
Under the auspices of Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez, Acting President of Fayoum University, the University is participating in the 20thCreative Student Forum, which is organized by the Arab Council for Training Arab University Students during the period from 6 to 9/11/2018, at Al Zaytoonah University in Jordan.
Fayoum University is represented by Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Al-Rabeai, Professor at Faculty of Science and the Coordinator of Fayoum University in The Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities.
Accordingly, Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez said that the forum is held under the slogan: "Globalization and its impact on developing countries - challenges and opportunities" in the presence of Dr. AmrEzzatSalama, Secretary General of The Association of Arab Universities.
On the other hand, Prof. Mohammed Al-Rabeai added that Fayoum University is participating with a research entitle "Extraction of Natural Pigments and their Use in Electrochemical Cells". The research is presented by a student called Ahmed Magdy Ammarfrom Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department.He clarified that all the researches focus on applied, human and social sciences, and literary and artistic creativity.
Prof. Mohamed Al-Rabeai was chosen as Head of the Recommendations Committee. At the end of the Forum, participants from Arab universities were honored.

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