Fayoum University Got a Place among the Best 100 Universitiesaround the Arab World
Prof. Mohamed Essa,Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, announced that Fayoum University managed for the first time to join the British QS World Universities Rankings in 2019. The University ranked 81 out of the top 122 universities in the Arab world.
According to the outcome information of the ranking, there are 20 Egyptian Universities appeared on it. The following universities were ranked as follows: American University in Cairo, Cairo University, Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, Assiut University, Al-Azhar University, Helwan University, Tanta University, and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Suez Canal University, Zagazig University, Banha University, Fayoum University, Minia University, British University of Egypt, BeniSuef University, Kafr El-Sheikh University, German University and South Valley University.
The classification of QS depends on four main indicators: international outlook - employment - teaching quality - scientific research quality. The calculation methods of the main indicators are divided as follows: academic reputation 40%, reputation among employers 10%, Faculty student ratio 20 %,and total reference citation count of faculty members 20%, international students 5%, and international faculty members 5%.
Prof. Mohamed Issa pointed out that the exerted efforts in this regard were according to the Country's initiative to upgrade the level of Egyptian universities in the international classifications. These efforts are also an implementation of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Plan among the newly adopted National Strategy for Sustainable Development-Egypt Vision 2030.
He also stressed the exerted efforts and support of all the different sectors represented by the president of the university, the deans and vice deans of the colleges, and the postgraduate studies and research sector in the universityin this regard to launch the initiative and tomobilize all the capabilities of the university and its scientific potential in order to cope with future challenges. In addition to cooperating with the committee "Assisting the Egyptian Universities in Improving the International Classification" which was formed by the ministry to provide support to the universities. He pointed out that the committee has organized more than 20 workshops during which Prof. Kamal Ghalab,Vice Dean of the Nile Basin Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, prepared the required data and completed the university file with the classification officials.
Moreover, he said that they work on forming of a permanent office at the university to take all necessary steps to have the requirements of other international classifications.This office will organize meetings to define strategic objectives and action plans that contribute to raise the international classification of the university.

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