Fayoum University Celebrates the Birth of the Prophet Mohammed
The community service and environmentdevelopment sector of Fayoum University organized a celebration on the occasion of The Birth of The Prophet Mohammed"all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him " on Tuesday, 13/11/2018 at the Conference Hall of the Central Library. The celebration was attended by Prof. Ashraf Abd El-Hafeez, Acting President of Fayoum University,Dr. Ahmed Turky,General Director of the training centers in Cairo Endowments and the preacher of Al-Nour Mosque in Al-Abbasiyah, and a number of deans, vice deans and students from many faculties.
Prof. Ashraf Raheel said that this anniversary is one of the most precious Islamic occasions that cherish the hearts of all muslims. So the university organized this event to glorify the date of birth of the greatest creation on the world. He also advised students to attend this type of events and to participate in the different student activities.
On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Turkey explained that this anniversary is immortal and has great effects on all of us.Accordingly, he started to narrate the life of the Prophet "all prayers and blessings be upon him". He assured the necessity of returning to and adhering to his proper path.Besides,it is very important to establish the values of justice among all members of society and working on up righting their behavior.
He stressed the renewal of the religious discourse to keep pace with the recent major developments and to confront the incorrect ideas that hit the minds of the youth.
At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Ashraf Raheel honored Dr. Ahmed Turky and presented the University Shield to him.

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