A Cooperation Protocol between Fayoum University and Ministry of Planning
Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Hafiz, Acting President of Fayoum University, welcomed Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of Pioneers Project 2030 at the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform on Wednesday 10/7/2019 in presence of Prof. Adly Saadawi, Dean of the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies of the Nile Basin Countries, and Dr. Kamal Hassan Ghalllab, Vice-President of the Institute.
Prof. Ashraf Rahil said that a cooperation protocol has been signed between the Ministry of Planning and Fayoum University on the project of pioneers 2030 and entrepreneurship for small, medium and very small enterprises.
He explained that the provisions of the protocol aims at spreading the culture of self-employment and raise the interest of the university's youth and graduates towards establishing their own projects.
Prof. Adly Saadawi said that one of the objectives of the protocol is to establish a business incubator for the Institute of Research and Strategic Studies of the Nile Basin countries at Fayoum University to train and invest youth ideas towards their own projects in engineering, agricultural, technological and other fields.
He added that the incubator helps to support the projects proposed by young people technically and financially and to facilitate the establishment and financing of startups from various sources, especially the initiative of the Central Bank for youth, which provides funding at a reduced interest rate of 5%.

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