Fayoum University Hosts the Artist Dina Mohsen "Wezo"
Fayoum University hosted the famous artist Dina Mohsen who is known as Wezo in the presence of Prof. Ashraf Abdel Hafiz Rahil, Acting President of Fayoum University, Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Fayoum and Prof. Dr. Khaled Atallah. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Hosni, Advisor to the President of the University for Student Activities, Dr. Emad Abdel Salam, Media Advisor , and Dr. Wael Toubar, Coordinator of Student Activities, on Sunday, 28/7/2019. She was hosted in the framework of launching activities of the Leadership Development Camp organized by the General Administration of Youth Welfare.
During her meeting with university students, Wezo talked about the beginning of her artistic career and pointed out the obstacles that she encountered at the beginning of her life. She also talked about the role of the university theater in building the character of student and the need to balance the achievement of the studies and the practice of different hobbies. She thanked the artist Ashraf Abdel Baky for his full support for her. Additionally, Wezo listened to the questions of students who responded to them clearly and frankly.
At the end of the meeting, the artist was honored and given the shield of the university in recognition of her outstanding efforts in the field of art.

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