Honoring Fayoum University President in the Ninth Forum of the Egyptian Archaeologists Union
The Egyptian Archaeological Union honored Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University during the activities of the ninth forum of the union on Thursday, 10/10/2019 at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat.
This forum was attended by Prof. Adel El-Toukhy, Chairman of Board of Directors of the Egyptian Archaeologists Union, Prof. Ayman Wazeery, Vice-President of the union, Professor of Antiquities and Egyptian Civilization, members of the union Council, and a number of faculty members representing Faculty of Archeology at Fayoum University, Prof. Gamal Mahgoub Professor of Antiquities Restoration, The head of the Central Department for the restoration of antiquities, Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Sorogy, Professor of Archeological Restoration, Prof. Walid Ali Khalil, Head of Islamic Archeology Department, Prof. Amin Rasheedy, Professor of Islamic Archeology and a number of scientists, specialists and workers in the fields of archeology, heritage and tourism.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid praised during his speech the Egyptian Archaeologists Union, which includes a group of scientists and specialists working in the field of cultural heritage and archeology, stressing that Faculty of Archeology is one of the most important strengths of Fayoum University because of its efforts and activities in related fields. Links and seminars and workshops for students of the college, university and schools in order to raise awareness of the status of monuments enjoyed by Egypt and Fayoum and the need to preserve them.
He called for the importance of establishing of a museum in the University, including the effects of the province of Fayoum, especially that the students of Faculty of Archeology and faculty members have a significant role in the detection and excavation and restoration of antiquities enjoyed by the province.
He also invited the Egyptian Archaeologists Union to host the Forum in its next session in Fayoum University.
Prof. Adel El-Toukhy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Egyptian Archaeologists Union, said that the union aims to unite all scientists, specialists and workers in the fields of archeology and cultural heritage and work to raise awareness of the importance of heritage and make the necessary efforts to preserve it and provide necessary consultations in this regard in addition to upgrading and developing the efficiency of workers. He added that the union serves the archaeological field professionally and educationally.
Prof. Ayman Wazeery said that the forum is being held in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities and that the union is cooperating with the concerned institutions in the country with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage and archeology and defending rights of archaeologists. He explained the need to know the historical knowledge of the Egyptian civilization and interest in economic and human aspects related to archaeological studies and the need to raise the efficiency of students. Faculty of Archeology at the level of Egyptian universities academically and training in addition to the launch of new visions to support and revitalize tourism.
During the activities of the ninth meeting of the Egyptian Archaeologists Union, a number of faculty members were honored at the Faculty of Archeology at Fayoum University, namely, Prof. Atef Mansour, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Walid Ali Khalil, Prof. Ghadir Dardir, Professor of Islamic Archeology, and Prof. Manal Abo El-Qasem, Head of Greek and Roman Antiquities Department, Prof. Jamal Mahjoub, Professor of Archeological Restoration, Prof. Abd El-Rahman El-Serougy, Professor of Archeological Restoration, Prof. Shaaban El-Amir Professor of Archeological Restoration, Dr Median Hamed, Professor of Archeological Restoration, Prof. Mohamed Anwar Khalil, and Mrs. Amany Mohamed Saad from the Dean's office.
A number of sessions were held including archaeological issues, conflict doctrine, methodology of solutions, the need to consider rewriting Egypt's ancient history, environmental impacts and dangers on antiquities, as well as key issues in archaeological issues, preservation of antiquities between reality and aspirations, in addition to qualifying youth cadres to work in the fields of tourism and the issue of loyalty and belonging. The aspects of supporting tourism in Egypt and the Qur'anic visions in human civilizations.
On the sidelines of the forum, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, accompanied by a number of faculty members, Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University, inspected a number of museum halls and listened to the explanation provided by the specialists about the museum's contents and exhibits.
At the end of the forum, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid participated in honoring a number of specialists in the field of supporting tourism and national heritage, leaders of the Egyptian, Islamic and Greek archaeological community and scientists, and restoration of antiquities, in addition to honoring the holders of master's and doctoral degrees 2018-2019 and researchers in the field of archeology and heritage.

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