University President's Decision to Apply the Minimum Salaries
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, issued a decree No. (2225) for the year 2019, which states:
Article (1): The competent authorities of the University should implement the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1627 for the year 2019, and the Ministry of Finance's publications No. (8) &(11) referring to application of the minimum salaries for employees and workers of the State organs and public economic bodies, and the implementation of its provisions with accuracy and speed, and those who violate this are referred to legal accountability.
Article (2): Each in his competence should follow up the implementation of the decision and the two publications referred to in accordance with the controls and procedures in this regard.
Article (3): The competent authorities of the university should implement this decision and it should be applied from the date of its issuance and should cancel all that contradicts it.

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