FLDC internationally accredited
The Fayoum University Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) has been given the thumbs up by the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT), a professional corporation organizing the certification of trainers and HRD professionals. This was announced on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. As per the SCU decree to internationally certify the Faculty and Leadership Development Centers of all the Egyptian universities, a centre accreditation visit was paid to the FLDC. The visit was conducted by a number of high profile figures, namely Erik Boshuizen, director, European Division, International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT); and Dr. Ahmed Metwally, vice director, National Center for Faculty and Leadership Development (NCFLD). The visit commenced with a meeting with Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Magdy Hanna, in the presence of Professor Kamal Ghalab, director, FLDC, Professor Mahmoud Shendy, manager, Projects Management Unit (PMU), and Mr. Saleh Gomaa, Fayoum University Secretary-General. After designating the members of the Accreditation Commission, which consisted of Mr. Erik Boshuizen, Dr. Ahmed Metwally, Dr. Ahmed G. Shedid, Dr. Mustafa Mohammad Radi, and Dr. Tamer Barakat, a meeting was held to review the purposes and ways of checking the center and all its facilities. With the aim of ensuring that the center has all the necessary facilities and systems in place to deliver training, the assessment process focused upon the quality of: - training packages and materials and the infrastructure utilized at the center - the strategic plan and the organizational structure of the training center - management of training inside the center Subsequently, the Commission toured the center to inspect everything it boasts, including, rooms, workshops, labs, toilets, databases, devices, and safety measures. Following, a closed meeting was held with a small batch of trainees. Also, the Commission convened with the center’s director to review the management system as well as the quality assurance system used, evaluation methods adopted to assess training packages, trainers and trainees, and mechanisms applied to follow up the impact of training. At the end of the visit, the Commission agreed upon declaring the FLDC to be an internationally certified center. Hence, this center is the fourth one to be accredited in the Egyptian universities.

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