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    Fayoum Faculty of Medicine is a large medical school undertaking teaching and research in health and medicine of international standing. It aims to prepare a physician who has a grasp of all medical information which can help to recognize the clinical signs of various diseases and changes resulting from these diseases; and hence, diagnosing them correctly.

        Also, the faculty seeks to create a healthy atmosphere for an effective communication between the physician and the patient through emphasizing the need for full respect for all patients regardless of their marital status, culture and religious beliefs, taking into account giving each patient enough time to clarify his sickness and gain affection and confidence of the attending physician.

       Moreover, it aims to teach the professional etiquette between a physician and his colleagues in various disciplines by showing respect to everyone working in the field of medical service, whatever his location or position.

      Above all, Faculty of Medicine strives to instill ethics of the profession as well as emphasizing that the patient is a person suffering from a disease and has privacy to be respected. On the other hand, any conduct inconsistent with the ethics of that profession will be dealt with firmly.

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"Medical Microbiology and Immunology" exam of the Third year The " Pharmacology" exam of the Third year


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2<sup>nd</sup> Gastroenterology & Hepatology Conference

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