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Prof.Dr. John Gunson
Contact Information
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E-mail Address: john.gunson@btopenworld.com  , Also can be contacted via Professor / Shahira Morsy ElShafie - Facultyof Medicine - Fayoum University
Office: Medicine Faculty
Post Address: 55 Westville Road - Penylan - Cardiff - CF235DF - UK
Academic Positions
John Gunson is a Visiting Professor at Fayoum University. He has had a teaching and research career in Wales and also teaching and research links to Switzerland and India from 2002 to date.

He spent 16 years (1982 to 1999) with the Nestlé Group including the Nestlé subsidiary Alcon Pharmaceuticals (8 years as I.T Manager France and then I.T. Coordinator for EMEA based near Zug, Switzerland).From 1999 to 2002 he was Consultant to the Pharmaceutical industry for their ERP, e-Commerce related projects; one of his main clients being affiliates of the Johnson and Johnson Group.

John’s research interest, publications and lectures to date are in the area of Information Systems Project Management and the Health Sector. His PhD thesis is entitled: ERP Implementation Success Factors: Investigations in the Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Industry. The thesis was defended on February 20th 2006 at the University of Geneva, obtaining the highest grade for a PhD (‘with the congratulations of the Jury’).

Courses & Articles
JG and co-author Articles
JG and co-author Presentations
Research Methods
Research Proposals
Gunson, J., and Chawngthu, L. (2012). Health Economics and Informatics:
The Gap-Fit of Current Healthcare and Parse Practice. Nursing Science Quarterly scheduled for publication.
Gunson, J., (2009) ‘Économie de la santé et qualité de vie
avec la perspective de l’Humaindevenant’ ‘Healthcare Economics and Quality of Life with Humanbecoming Perspective’
Presented to the Aquilance Congrès international de soins palliatifs
Famille, Communauté: Des moments transformant en fin de vie
Family, Community: Transforming Moments at End of Life
Genève, les 8 et 9 octobre 2009
Gunson, J., Godhwani, R., Nickerson, C. (2009) ‘Unleashed: the role of controlled anger to really communicate and the implications for Business Discourse’. Published in the Conference Proceedings of the USC Marshall Business School and ABC Special Business Discourse Conference May 21/22 2009.
Dobbins, M., Hart, J., Gunson, J., Bale, S., Neary, M., Ingrams, D. (2007) Improving Patient Care and Quality of Life after Laryngectomy/Glossectomy (new research in progress) Poster presentation NLIAH Conference, Wales Millenium Centre, 8th March 2007
Gunson, J. (2003-2006) Several column articles for Business in Wales / Western Mail; latest being a UniView column for UWIC published December 21st 2006.
Gunson, J. (2006). ‘Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation key success factors: investigations in the pharmaceutical industry.’ PhD thesis. University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Wales Management Council, (2006) ‘Tomorrow’s Manager: Skills, Development, Investment’. (Gunson, J. member of working group)
Gunson, J and Clark, A. (2006) ‘M Level Dissertation Research Organiser’ UWIC; ISBN numbers: 1-905617-04-6 and 978-1-905617-04-3.
Gunson, J., Esteves, J., De Blasis, J-P., Pastor, J., Neary, M. (2006). ‘Team Dynamics; a critical success factor in ERP implementations’. Ready for publication.
Gunson, J., Clark, A., Jordan, S., Jezierski, G., Neary, M. (2005). ‘Educating Pervaiz, Ahmed, Ting and Pengsi: pushing the boundaries of blended teaching for 'M' level overseas students’. Presented at UWIC's 5th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2005, June 2005
Dobbins, M., Gunson, J., Bale, S., Neary, M., Ingrams, D., Brown, M. (2005)."Bottletops patients", Patients without a Voice: improving patient care and quality of life following total laryngectomy / glossectomy. 1st prize: British Journal of Nursing (BJN) Clinical Practice Awards 2005, category Cancer Nursing. Published by BJN as ‘Improving patient care and quality of life following total laryngectomy / glossectomy’. BJN, Vol.14, Iss.12, 23 June 2005 pp634-645 Presented at the 24th International Human Sciences Research Conference, Bournemouth August 2005 Presented at the BJN Prize Winners Nurses' Study Day, Thornbury Nursing Services, Bristol, September 2005 Presented at the ‘Living with Cancer’ Conference, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales, 26th April 2006
Gunson, J., De Blasis, J-P., Neary, M. (2004) ‘Towards maximum grip: reaching a higher level of expertise through ERP implementations’ University of Geneva Research Paper 2004.12
Gunson, J., De Blasis, J-P., Esteves, J., Pastor, J. (2004)‘Information Systems implementations: models to determine what constitutes success and failure’. University of Geneva Research Paper 2004.05
Gunson. J., De Blasis, J-P., Neary, M. (2003). ‘Leadership in Real time: a model of five levels of attributes needed by a Project Manager in ERP implementations’ University of Geneva Research Paper 2003.15. Presented at OKLC 2004, Austria . Presented at ISIH 2e Colloque, Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland October 2007.
Gunson, J and De Blasis, J-P.; (2003).‘ERP Implementation: an Art as well as a Science’ University of Geneva Research Paper 2003.02.
Gunson, J and De Blasis, J-P.; (2002). ‘Implementing ERP in Multinational Companies: their effects on the organisation and individuals at work’ University of Geneva Research Paper 2002.07. Presented at the 7th AIM Congress, Tunisia 2003.
Gunson, J and De Blasis, J-P.; (2001). ‘The Place and Key Success Factors of ERP in the Paradigms of Business Management’ University of Geneva Research Paper 2001.14
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