*Invitation           *Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture participated at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab Faculties of Agriculture           *Condolences      *Participation in the midterm (interim) meeting of the Erasmus Plus Project on “Spatial Data Infrastructure”      *Congratulations to the awarded employees in the Fayoum University Administrative Excellence Award     
News archives
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture participated at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab Faculties of Agriculture
Participation in the midterm (interim) meeting of the Erasmus Plus Project on “Spatial Data Infrastructure”
Congratulations to the awarded employees in the Fayoum University Administrative Excellence Award
Agricultural Engineering Department held their monthly meeting on 1st February 2023
Agricultural Economics Department held their monthly meeting
congratulations on Christmas and New Year Holiday
Scientific seminars, Department of Agricultural Economics
Congratulations on the occasion of the New Year
Dean of the Faculty made an inspection tour of the first semester exams
Appointment of Dr. Mohamed Hussein Ruby as Director of the Environmental and Food Pollutants Analysis Laboratory
The Annual Scientific Conference of the Plant Protection Department for the Academic Year 2022-2023
The Agricultural Economics Department Council Holds Its Monthly Meeting for November 2022
Meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Eleventh International Conference on Continuous Agricultural Development
Presidential Initiatives for Medical Examination of All Employees and Students at the University
Dr. Khaled Abdel Hakam, Acting Head of the Dairy Department at the College
Congratulations on the Occasion of Eid Al-Fitr
Student Ahmed Muhammad Gets First Place in the Noble Quran Memorization and Tajweed Contest
The President of the University Witnesses the Celebration of the Community Service Sector on the Orphans Day
Appointment of Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Yasin as Director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty
Eid al-Fitr Products at the Faculty of Agriculture
A Clothes Charity Exhibition for University Students
The Egypt Government Excellence Award Holds Its Third Session 2022
Congratulations to the Winners of the Best Scientific Research Competition at the Faculty Level
The Faculty Council Holds Its Meeting for April 2022
The Foreign Cultural and Scientific Relations Committee Meeting No. (165)
Postgraduate Studies and Research Committee Meeting No. (352)
The Scientific Laboratories and Equipment Committee Meeting No. (203)
A Symposium Entitled (an Internationally Accredited Course for One and a Half Pounds!)
The "Information League" Competition
Congratulations on the Occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan
Graduation Party for the Fourth Year Students
Appointing Prof. Kamal Ghallab as Acting Dean of the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies for the Nile Basin Countries
Faculty's Monthly Council Meeting for September 2020
Meeting of the Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Committee Session No. 184
Signing an Agreement between the Faculty of Agriculture and FAO in Egypt
Signing an Agreement between Faculty of Agriculture at Fayoum University and Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Egypt
Pro.Dr.Mona Al Kashap checks the exams at the college of agriculture.
Fayoum University Organizes Scientific Seminar on "Food and Sustainable Agricultural Development"
Prof. Mona Abdel Latif Abdel Tawab appointed as Dean
Message of Condolence
Dean's Congrats on Eidul Fitr
Congratulations Dr. Abdel Moneim Hassan Sadek
Congratulations Dr. Hamdi Salem Abdul Jalil
Congrats Dr. Kamal Abd Elatheem AbdEltawab
Congrats Dr. Hamdy Abdel Naby Zaky
Congrats Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Imam
Supervisory Committee amendment
PHD Preparation Exam Result Approval
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Hassan earns PHD degree
Dr. Mohammed Fathy Ahmed earns PHD degree
Dr. Mohammed Aweys Ahmad earns PHD degree
Dr. Mohammed Yasin Ali earns Master degree
Dr. Ali Ashor Sha'ban earns Master degree
FOA invites students for appeals
Dairy science Department Staff Honor
Congratulations Dr.Salwa Sayed Basha
Congrats Ms. Asmaa Gamal Abdullah
Congrats Mr. Mohamed Abdel Tawab Geoshy
Dr. Salwa Sayed Abu-Pasha appointed as lecturer
Congrats Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Salam Ahmed
Dr. Ahmed Moawed Reappointed Director of Open Education Center
Salwa Sayed Basha successfully defends her PhD dissertation
Congratulations Dr. Ahmed Abdel Fattah
Congrats to Dr. Alaa Eldin Abdel Latif
Message of Condolence
Congratulations to Dr. Mahmoud Ali Abdel Fattah
Congratulations to Prof. Emad Fathy Mohamed Dewidar
Congratulations to Prof. Salem Abdel Fattah Mahfouz
Congratulations to Prof. Mona Abdel Tawab Abdel Latif
Congratulations to Prof. Ali Mohamed Abdel Hamid
Congratulations to Ms. Ayat Ahmed Omar
Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed Desoky Dewidar
Congratulations to Prof. Ekram Ali Megawer
Congratulations to Dr. Gamal Mohammadeen
Congratulations Dr. Ebtsam Mohamed
Congratulations Dr. Hanan Abdullah Hassan
Congratulations Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Said
Congratulations Dr. Hanan A. Hassan
Congratulations Dr. Ebtsam Mohamed
Congratulations Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Said
Congratulations Dr. Gamal Mahmoud Mostafa
Ayat A. Omar successfully defends her master's thesis
EICA's delegation visits Faculty of Agriculture
Nermin S. Othman successfully defends her master's thesis
Mohamed K. Moawed successfully defends his master's thesis
Seminar at Agricultural Economics Department
Congratulations Dr. Hoda Mohamed Hussein
Seminar at Agricultural Economics Department
Agricultural Exhibition at the Faculty of Agriculture
Agriculture Members for Electoral College Announced
Faculty of Agriculture Holds 4th Job Fair
Dr. Mohamed Saber appointed as director of Central Printing House
Seminar of Department of Agricultural Economics
Electoral College Vote
Mr. Ibrahim Darwish "Father of the Year"
CIQAP Follow-up Team Visits Faculty of Agriculture
Computer Maintenance Course Wraps Up
Prof. Ahmed Moawed reappointed Director of Open Education Center
Seminar for Master's –level Students
Awareness program on safe use of pesticides
Using Fire Extinguishers Workshop
Marwa Mohamed successfully defends her master's thesis
Human Development Training Courses
Customized training courses for students
Laila Ahmed Rabie successfully defends her master's thesis
Walaa Fathy Mostafa successfully defends her PhD thesis
Google Scholar Services for Faculty Members
Workshop on e-courses
University Council Decree No. 91
Computer Maintenance Course
Shabaan Saad successfully defends his PhD thesis
Services offered by IT Units
Refurbishment of Faculty of Agriculture Pitch
Doaa Essam successfully defends her master's thesis
Congrats to Dr. Wedad Azab Metry
Congratulations to Dr. Yasser M. Diab
Dr.Yasser Fathy Abdelaleim Eied appointed lecturer
Projects' executive directors get together
Chairs of administrative departments hold meeting
Prof. Kamal Ghalab appointed director of Projects Management Unit
Faculty members honored
Department of Poultry Science holds seminar on a PhD thesis
Students take midyear exams
Congratulations to Ms. Najat Abuel-Hawail
Training course in "Marketing Ways"
Training courses tackles "Performance Measurement"
Setting action plans discussed
Training Course in Raising Coturnix Quail
Courses to enhance students' productivity skills
Congratulations to Prof. Salem Mahfouz!
Congratulations to Dr. Nada Fathy!
Statement regarding student demonstrations
Department of Horticulture holds seminar on palm weevil
Agriculture students shine at Yalla Usar festival
Training course in "curriculum mapping"
Prof. Emad Fathy appointed as deputy director of Crisis Management Center
Prof. Saad Eldin Abdel Wahab appointed as director of Crisis Management Center
Seminar discusses PhD on Japanese quail
Teaching with Technology Workshop
Dalia Salah Eldin defends her PhD dissertation
Criteria for quality teaching workshop
Workshop on: Dissemination of Quality Assurance Culture
Training program on: Dealing with Others
Prof. Fawzy Abdel Samie Appointed Chair of Agronomy Department
Technical Support Team Visits Agriculture School
Seminar on "Code of Ethics"
Training Course in Technology-based instruction
Omar Ahmed Ibrahim appointed as assistant lecturer
Ahmed Shabaan earns master's degree
CIQAP board of directors meets
Congratulations to Prof. Mostafa Mohamed Radi
Fourth Workshop on self-evaluation
Second semester exams begin
Congratulations to Prof. Atef Abdel Tawab Awadallah
Workshop on teaching strategies
Workshop on honey bee diseases and pests
Workshop on self evaluation
Effective presentation skills Workshop
Workshop on internalized self evaluation
Workshop on examination systems and students' assessment
Workshop on credit hour system
Dr. Mohamed Said appointed vice-dean of INSSSR
Workshop on relationship between scientific research and agricultural sector
Dr. Dalia Mohamed Al-Soufy Mohamed appointed as assistant professor
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali appointed as lecturer
Mr. Hosma Eldin Mostafa appointed lecturer of dairy science
Mr. Atef Mohamed Sarhan appointed lecturer of botany
Dr. Khaled Abdel Hamid appointed assistant professor of food science and technology
Dr. Osama Yousef Shalaby appointed professor of botany
Congratulations to Prof. Ahmed Moawed
Dr. Ahmed Moawed reappointed director of OEC
Invitation to attend a workshop on "Upgrading Postgraduate Studies Bylaw"
Aisha Hassaneen High School Students Visit Agriculture School
CLSWPA accredited by EGAC
Dr. Ali Gaber appointed coordinator of information office and e-portal
Prof. Mokhtar Sayed Radwan appointed chair of poultry science department
Mr. Omar Ahmed Ibrahim earns master's degree
Genetics assistant professor reappointed as deputy director of the Central Printing House
Training Course in self-evaluation of HEIs
Technical Support Team visits Agriculture school
Agriculture Dean receives PBDAC delegation
Seminar aims to broaden environmental awareness
Abdel Moniem Maher appointed as assistant lecturer
Agriculture school honors outstanding students
Distinguished faculty members honored
Managerial Competencies Course
Workshop on Integrating ICT in Teaching
Community Service and Environment Development Council Meeting
Workshop on Program Specifications
Two professors elected to FUSC board
Mr. Mohamamd Ahmed Al-Anwar appointed lecturer
Salwa Abdel Gawad earns master's degree
Ms. Abeer Mohamed Helmy earns master's degree
Closing ceremony of academic advising course
Prof. Nemaat Ali Hassan appointed acting chair of Dairy Science Department
Hamada Ragab awarded PhD degree
Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim appointed assistant lecturer
Prof. Gamal Abdellah reappointed acting vice-dean for education and students' affairs
Congratulations to Prof. Hamdy Mahfouz
Dean inspects examination halls
Congratulations to winners of Academic Publication Awards for 2012
Prof. Ahsraf Abdel Hafiz Radwan reappointed acting dean of Specific Education School
Dr. Adel Abdel Razek appointed director of QAU
Dr. Emad Fathy Mohamed promoted to professor
Dr. Amr Ezzat Mohamed appointed lecturer
Dr. Ghada Ahmed Badawy Hamoud appointed lecturer
Agriculture faculty members honored on Commencement Day
Dr. Amr Ezzat appointed lecturer of Chemistry
Dr. Emad Fathy Moawed Appointed Professor of Viral Diseases
Training Course in Strategic Planning
Workshop on converting courses into electronic formats
Workshop on course evaluation questionnaire
Ayman Saydah speaks at Fayoum University
Dr. Sawsan Ahmed Seif El-Yazel promoted to Professor
Dr. Ragab Ismail Ahemd Mourad promoted to Professor
Dr. Ibrahim Hamed Hussein promoted to Professor
Dr. Maher Fouad Ramdan Promoted to Assistant Professor
Dr. Ashraf Shawky reappointed director of Central Printing House
Dr. Hamada Ragab Hussein appointed as lecturer
Fayoum University opens new outlets
Faculty of Agriculture: New Department Heads Elected
Professor Zaki El-Feky appointed vice-dean for education and students' affairs
FU community mourns passing of Distinguished Professor Ali Abded
Congratulations to Mr. Ali Gaber Mohamed
Ayman Hamdy earns PhD degree
Congratulations to Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Radi
MIS Unit and IUM Unit hold joint meeting
Workshop on academic advising
Dr. Adel Abdelrazek appointed deputy director of Quality Assurance Unit
Quality Assurance Unit holds meeting
Lecture on Poultry Production
Employee of the Month Ceremony
Agriculture Student Wins Third Place in Scientific Miracles in the Qur'an Contest
Prof. Ekram Ali named 'Ideal Mother'
A trip to Bibliotheca Alexandria
Seminar titled "Happy Farm"
University President opens charity fair for readymade clothes
Seminar discusses criteria for electing a presidential candidate
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Said appointed deputy director of Office of Alumni Relations
Dr. Ahmed Moawed appointed director of Open Education Center
Results of first phase of SU elections come out
First phase of SU elections kicks off
Organizing Committee of Employment Fair holds maiden meeting
Delegation from EICA visits Faculty of Agriculture
Gamal Farag appointed as deputy director of QAU
Abdel Wahab Abdullah earns PhD degree
University President attends Faculty of Agriculture Meeting
Congrats to professors Nemaat Ali and Enas El Sayed
Professor Mahmoud Abdel Gawad wins Pioneer Award
Congrats to winners of the 2011 University Award for Academic Publication
Ashraf Shawky wins University Award for Academic Publication
Shimaa Hamdy Earns PhD Degree
Abdel Alim Abdel Moula Earns PhD Degree
New Position: Prof. Samir Sief Al Yazzal
Alaa El-din Abdel Latif promoted to assistant professor
Ezzat Mohammad promoted to assistant professor
Eman Embaby promoted to lecturer
Ahmed Barakat wins Best Employee Award
Dr. Gamal Abdullah appointed vice-dean for Education and Students' Affairs
Congrats to Dr. Gamal Abdullah
Mona Al Khashab appointed Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
Sanaa Haroun appointed as director of RCB
Nemaat Ali Hassan appointed Professor of Dairy Science
New Vice-Dean Appointed
Agriculture School honors its retired employees
Mustafa Mohammad wins Ideal Employee Title
Nesrin Nasr awarded master’s degree……..Congratulations!
Former director-general honored
Ahmed Rabie awarded master’s degree………….Congratulations!
Nemaat Abdel-Rahman named faculty director-general
Poultry Production Assistant Lecturer Passes Ph.D. Prelim Exam
New promotions at the Faculty of Agriculture
Activity Group Welcomes Students
New chairs appointed…………Congratulations!
Alaa Badawy Passes Prelim Exam for PhD Degree……….Congratulations!
Ashraf Othman Reappointed Director of Central Printing House
Three Professors Picked for Electoral College
Congratulations to Prof. Helmy Abdou Ghoniemy
Faculty of Agriculture names first elected dean
Elections Committee Releases Results of Vote Counting
Number of candidates for dean narrows to four
Six candidates vying for dean position
No candidates running for dean
Supervisory Committee on Faculty Leaders Elections Elected
Professor Mahmoud Shendi reappointed director of PMU
Professor Kamal Ghalab reappointed director of FUC for ICDL
Agronomy Assistant Lecturer Passes Ph.D. Prelim Exam
Animal Production Assistant Lecturer Passes Ph.D. Prelim Exam
Dr. Zainab Ibrahim promoted to associate professor
Dr. Salem Abdul-Fattah promoted to professor
People on the move……….assistant lecturers promoted to lecturers
Dr. Ali Abdullah Mekdad……….Congratulations!
Professor Omar Al-Demerdash appointed Part-Time Professor of Dairy Science
Dr. Yasser Hafez appointed as lecturer…..Congratulations!
Faculty of Agriculture honors former vice-dean
Researcher Samah Awad awarded PhD degree…..Congratulations!
Researcher Eman Ahman awarded master's degree …….Congratulations!
Professor Mahmoud Shendi named vice-dean
Professor Helmy Ghoniemy named acting dean…….Congratulations!
Nabil Abdul-Salam got his master's degree……..Congratulations!
Dr. Ragab Salama got his PhD ……Congratulations!
Top graduates of Class 2009/2010 appointed
Information Session on Digital Library Services at Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. Khaled Al-Bana named associate professor…………Congratulations!
Dr. Abdul-Azim Sayed named lecturer…..Congratulations!
Dr. Adel Abdul-Azim named lecturer……..Congratulations!
Dr. Khaled Al-Bana named associate professor……Congratulations!
Dr. Gamal Hassan named associate professor………..Congratulations!
Dr. Wedad Metry named professor………..Congratulations!
Dr. Ekram Megawer named professor…………….Congratulations!
Information session on ICTP services at Faculty of Agriculture
Ahmed El Sayed got his PhD …………..Congratulations!
Wael Morad got his PhD………Congratulations!
Dr. Eissa Ahmed named Acting Chair of Genetics Department
Third Round of SU Elections
Faculty of Agriculture marks Compassion Day
Results of Second Round of SU Elections Come out
Results of First Round of SU Elections Come out
HugeTurnout in SU Elections at Faculty of Agriculture
Training course on manufacturing some dairy products
Professor Awad Abdul-Tawab Mahmoud named Acting Chair of Food Science and Technology Department
Dr. Salem Mahfouz named Microbiology Department Chair
Professor Ahmed Imam named Chair of Biochemistry Department
Shabaan Al-Nesr appointed as assistant lecturer
Dean of Agriculture inspects examination process
6th International Conference of Sustainable Agricultural Development Opens
Dean receives fresh students
A Symposium on "Bee Products: Food and Medication"
The president has signed Faculty of Agriculture results
Faculty of Agriculture congratulates new chairs of departments
Registration now open for postgraduate studies programs
DRCC Governing Board reviews future plans
Environmental Week at Faculty of Agriculture
Chair of Horticulture Department named director of QAU
Workshop on university e-mail service
Seminar on safety measures at labs
Agronomy Professor named Vice-Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information
Basics of Nutrition and Food Safety
Sports Day
Faculty of Agriculture Hosts an Afro-Asian delegation
Information Session on Innovation for Industry Project
1st Environmental Day of Faculty of Agriculture
Employment Fair
Registration open for postgraduate studies programs
Seminar on Planning for Development
Seminar on Agriculture Export and Rural Income
Symposium on Lake Qarun: Problems and Possible Solutions
Seminar on safe disposal of banned pesticides
Seminar on Bird Flu: Risks and Precautions
New Agribusiness Program at Fayoum University
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