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Departments Management

Mr.Ibrahim Ali Moawad
General manager Bitch 


Administrative Divisions

General cadre Mr. Mohammed Abdel Azim
Special Cadre and Cultural Relations Ms. Somia Yahia Yasin
Students' Affairs Ms. Salma Abdel Tawab Said
Graduates' Affairs Ms. Seham Ahmed Hassan
Employee Benefits Ms. Mervat Abdullah
Faculty Members' Benefits Ms. Seham Refaat Osman
Youth Welfare Mr. Monstaser Mohamed Omran
Financial Affairs Ms. Eman Younis Mahmoud
Procurement Mr. Bahaa Eldin Abdel Fattah Hasona
Warehouses Mr. Abdel Hady Zaki Abdel Hady
Library Services Ms. Amany Seody
Treasurer Mr. Mohammed Moawad
Laboratories Mr. Salah Hashem Abdel Hamid
Quality Assurance Unit Ms. Taghreed El Sayed Yusuf
Tel: 0846370025                          * Fax: 0846370025
Mailing address: University of Fayoum - the building of the ComputersInformation - zip code: 63514 
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