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Dean's Note

Dear Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Computers & Information for the academic year 2009/2010 which will witness the graduation of the first batch of our faculty. The Faculty Board, on this occasion, welcomes the fresh students and wishes them success in their academic life.

Being a member of our faculty, you are encouraged to explore your personal interests through partaking in a wide array of activities we offer. You can join the Faculty's Student Union, attend cultural seminars or join student groups that allow will allow you to express your opinions freely and clearly. Moreover, we always reward our distinguished students.

Our faculty and students work closely together in an open, collegial atmosphere; therefore, you have the opportunity to interact directly with inspiring faculty staff who adopts the open door policy. For fostering a lifelong relationship between the Faculty and its alumni, furthermore, the faculty is currently establishing the Faculty of Computer & Information Science's Office of Alumni Affairs (OAA) which will strive to provide opportunities for alumni to stay connected to each other and to the faculty.

With the advent of a new academic year, I yearn for your cooperation with us to make our faculty distinguished among its peers. So, enjoy a new academic life completely different from your school life which you experienced during the past years of yours.

To your knowledge, the Faculty Board is keen to overcome the obstacles that may face you throughout the school year. For this purpose, we hold regular meetings with our students and encourage them to send their proposals and complaints, which convey their thoughts and demands. I wish you success and excellence.

 Prof. Nabila Mohammad Hassan
Faculty Dean
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