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    ITIDA to finance two graduation projects  

   The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced that it will finance two graduation projects submitted by the Fayoum University Faculty of Computers and Information. The first project is titled "Virtual Lab for Simulated Diseases Diagnosis and Treatments of Digestive System". It has been conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Omran. The research team consisted of Khairy Abdul Zaher Ali Badawy, Mustafa Ezzat Abdul Alim, Mahmoud Gamal Abdul-Gayed Ibrahim, Yahia Farouk Mohammad Al Gamal, Mohammad Hesham Mohammad Mohammad and Mohammad Mustafa Abdul-Fattah. The second project is titled "A GIS-Based Mobile System for Effective Usage of Egyptian Public Transportation". It has been conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim and Eng. Basma Hussein. The research team consisted of Ibram Magdy Shukry, Tamer Melad Banir Hanin, Julian Galal Gerges, and Feby Gamal Nasim Soliman.

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