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    Graduation Ceremony 2015/2016 boost to the students of the Faculty of Computing and Information  

    Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Nabila Mohamed Hassan - Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information - organized the fourth year at the Faculty of Computing and Information Fayoum University on Wednesday, 04/13/2016, a ceremony for graduates of the College Batch 2015/2016 Hall Dr. Saad Nassar, in the presence of Prof. Dr. / noble Mohammed Hassan, dean of the faculty - Dr. / Mohammad Khafaji Vice Dean for community service and environmental development, and Dr. / Haitham elephant Vice Dean for Education and students Affairs, and Prof. Dr. / Mohammed al-Rubaie, Vice Dean for Education and former students, Professor / Najla Rashid Syed college and agent for service society and the development of the former environment. Both gentlemen have offered to exchange words Vohadt Professor / Nabila Mohamed Hassan, dean of the faculty of all college graduates, expressing wishes for success for graduates in their working lives and their future, and wished them every success in the last semester them to the university, and urged them to diligent in their work and to seek access to the summit in the areas of labor market also it made full sovereignty thanks and appreciation to the mothers and fathers of students. She noted that this is the seventh installment, and that the college will hold a forum for recruitment of next summer, and will open its doors to graduate students from the beginning of next year. President of the Federation also gave college students for fourth year students a word of thanks and appreciation to all who contributed in their arrival to the finals LEVEL OF EDUCATION. Both gentlemen current and former agents also addressed in their speeches expressing the hope in the fight working life manner the homeland wishing live up to all the highest levels of success in the scientific and practical life. At the end of the ceremony, fourth year students progress 2015/2016 Batch Daraa memorial to Dr. / Nabila Mohamed Hassan, Dean of the College - in gratitude and recognition of its sovereignty and style Bmjhodat Alahtwaiy which was followed by its sovereignty throughout the period of their presence in the college. Then it made its sovereignty and gentlemen agents presented a commemorative certificates to graduates of the 2015/2016 batch, and then rolled paragraphs diverse music and entertainment.

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