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    Commission laboratory and scientific equipment April 2016 meeting  

   Committee met for laboratory and scientific equipment under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Haitham elephant Acting Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and the membership of both: - D / Mohamed Helmy Khafagy Acting Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development - d / Massoud Ismail Masood - d / Hisham Abdel Azim - d / Rasha Al-Badri - Mr. / Salah Hashim Abdul Hamid, on Aloravaoualmuaq 04/13/2016 m. The Committee discussed a number of points including: 1. regarding the proposal submitted by the D / Hisham Abdel Azim Khalidy committee member about to host some college labs at IBM Cloud Servers for the application of networking cloud technology (Cloud Computing) and that which saves the cost of maintenance of the plants and follow-up offers modern software applications students . Resolution: The Committee agreed to form a committee preparing a proposal to be submitted to Mr. D / Haitham elephant Acting Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs in order to present the proposal for IBM after a presentation to the D / Dean and constitute the Commission: - D / Mohamed Helmy president - d / Hisham Abdel Azim Khalidy member - Dr. / Hussein Okasha members.

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