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    Supreme Committee and sub committees overseeing student union election formed  

    The Supreme Committee and subcommittees for supervising the Student Union elections have: been formed. The Supreme Committee is composed of Prof. Hamdy Mahfouz Gaballah, Motasem Shabaan Reyad, and Osama Negm Eldin. Furthermore, the subcommittees are composed of the following members: for the first year, the committee consists of Prof. Aisha Eissawy, Karim Abdel Hamid, and Mostafa Mahmoud Hashem; for the second year, the committee consists of Prof. Naglaa Rashed, Abdel Rahman Ahmed, and Mohamed Mokhtar Fathy; for the third year, the committee consists of Dr. Sherin Ali Taiaa, Abdel Rahman Hassan, and Abdullah Mahmoud; for the fourth year, the committee consists of Prof. Abdel Mohsen Basha, Motasem Shabaan, and Osama Negm Eldin.

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