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    Faculty of Computers & Information's Strategic Plan under Scrutiny  

    The Faculty of Computers and Information held a meeting on Saturday, November 7, 2009 to review the Faculty's Strategic Plan. The meeting was attended by Dean of Faculty of Computers & Information Nabila Hassan, Director of University Quality and Strategic Planning Unit Khalil Abdul-Maksoud, Director of Projects Management Unit (PMU) Mahmoud Shendi, Director of Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) Kamal Ghalab, Director of Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Computers and Information Abdullah Shoeeb, and Director of ICT Training Project Haytham Al-Feel. Also, attendees included some beneficiaries, namely Mohammad Shabban, Project Director, Amr Attia Abdul Aziz, Information Systems Consultant, Ashraf Mohammad Mohsen, Information Systems Consultant, Dr. Alaa Yousef, Information Systems Consultant, and Ehab Mahmoud Hashem, Director of Alwatania Center. The meeting aimed to create channels of liaison among the beneficiaries, students, and assistant lecturers. The audience lauded the role being played by the Faculty of Computers and Information in terms of preparing highly employable graduates. Moreover, the meeting tackled the following subjects: -Setting an electronic strategic plan. -Setting up an electronic school. -Making the University an electronically managed institution. -Producing tailor-made graduates. -Focusing on research proposals rather than graduation projects. -Helping graduates to gain familiarity with the fact changing variables of the labor market. At the end of the meeting, Professor Shendi thanked the audience for attending as well as their effective participation.

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