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    Former Dean of Computers and Information Science honored  

    On Monday, October 5, Professor Kamal Ahmed Deeb, former dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, was honored by the Faculty in the presence of Prof. Ahmed Yusuf Al-Qady, Vice President for Education and Students and Prof. Nabila Mohamad Hassan, current dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences as well as a galaxy of the teaching and administrative staff working at the faculty and Faculty of Science. At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Nabila Mohammad delivered a welcome speech, mentioning the role which was played by Former Dean Prof. Kamal Al-Deeb during his deanship and his outstanding efforts to upgrade the faculty's status since its inception in the academic year 2006/2007. Soon afterwards, Prof. Ahmed Al-Qady took the floor and praised the former dean's unique blend of intelligence and effective leadership which helped enhance the educational process in the faculty to produce highly-qualified graduates. He also expressed his satisfaction at the high status the faculty had reached among its Egyptian peers so far. Moreover, he pointed out that the Fayoum Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences is the best one in structuring and conducting the summer training program to provide intensive practical training to its students, wishing the Faculty bright academic year and further progress and prosperity. On behalf of the faculty staff, Dr. Abdullah Shoeeb delivered a speech in which he tackled the status of the former dean among the faculty staff, praising his good governance as a leader which made everyone do their job properly and thoroughly. In addition, on behalf of all the faculty personnel, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Fattah, Faculty General-Director, described what he hade learned under the chairmanship of Prof. Al-Deeb during his tenure, such as civility and good governance. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Kamal Al-Deeb addressed the attendants wishing them success. He expressed his deep thanks for their kind words, referring to their role in assisting him in improving the status of the Faculty since its inception. At last, Prof. Nabila gave a commemorative present to the former dean as a token of commemoration and honor, wishing him happiness, good health and success.

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