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    The Faculty of Computers and Information Participates in the Hult Prize Competition  

   The President of the University, Prof. Yasser Hatata, and the deputies witnessed the closing of the Hult Prize for Entrepreneurship, held on Wednesday, 6/4/2022 at the University’s Central Library. The R DASh team, composed of the faculty students:
  1-Amgad Sabry
  2-Doha Walid
  3-Radwa Adel
  4- Shaimaa Farag,
   Participated in the global competition Hult Prize, a prize of one million dollars worldwide.
   The competition aims to create more than 2000 job opportunities by 2024, by submitting global solutions and ideas that are applied locally and internationally.
   The R DASh team, which won first place at the level of Fayoum University, will represent the university at the level of the Republic and will have the opportunity to qualify internationally with a project idea about establishing a company to provide job opportunities for the middle and poor groups and revitalize the professions and jobs that are expected to disappear in the coming years.
   We wish them continued success.

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