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    Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence Honors Theater Team  

   Today, Prof. Mohamed Khafagy, Dean of the College, Dr. Ahmed Salama, Student Communications Coordinator, and Dr. Moustafa Rabie, Dean’s Assistant for Education and Student Affairs, with the assistance of the youth welfare team led by Captain Hala Sayed, honored the college theater team for their distinguished participation in the theater festival University.
   Prof. Mohamed Khafagy Dean of the Faculty praised the efforts made by the team, pointing to the importance of student activities in building the personality of the university student, pointing out that such activities have an effective role in developing the student's skills, expanding his perceptions, and refining his behavior.
   The honored theater team, consisting of:
   - Student / Mahmoud Ragab Fouad Mahmoud
   - Student / Mohamed Ahmed Saad Ali
   - Student / Karim Ashraf Seadawy Mahmoud
   - Student / Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Qawy
   - Student / Mohamed Ruby Mohamed Ali
   - Student / Alaa Refaat Ahmed Abdel Basset
   - Student / Fatima Ahmed Abdel Moneim Fouad
   Student / Ashraqat Salah Kotb Hassanein
   - Student / Rana Fouad Marzouk
  Student / Nada Ahmed Galal
   - Preparation and directing of the show / Artist Ahmed Abdel Halim
   The third year student / Amgad Sabry Kamel was also honored after winning the third place in the banner design competition and the media advertising banner.
   As well as honoring the youth welfare team, represented by Captain Hala Sayed - Head of the Youth Welfare Department, and Mrs. Safaa Ahmed Hussein - Arts Activities Specialist

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