Community Service and Environmental Development Sector

Vice Presidents’ Note

Prof.Dr. Assem Fouad Mohamed El Essawy

 UniversityVice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

My colleagues of the academic faculty members, the university employees, and my male and female students,

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of Allah be upon you,

Science and learning are the basis for the advancement of society, and we all at Fayoum University are working hard to develop our students and develop their minds to produce an enlightened thinking generation desiring to acquire science and knowledge endowed with the skills of understanding, application and analysis.

Accordingly, Fayoum University seeks to develop the educational system to ensure a qualified education that is closely linked to the requirements of the labor market, by focusing on the quality of the educational process; to prepare students and develop their skills to reach prestigious centers in the bright future. The university also adopts a culture of innovation and creativity, and it pays great attention to scientific research in all its forms and methods.

The community service and environmental development sector is one of the important sectors at Fayoum University. It is the link between the university and the outside community. It is based on constructive interaction with government and private institutions in various fields, by concluding several cooperation agreements and protocols with governmental institutions and some private entities that support the local community.

The community service and environmental development sector, since its inception, has been working to strengthen the link between the university and the outside community, as community service is one of the most important goals offered by Fayoum University after teaching, learning and scientific research. Therefore, the sector makes an annual activity plan for various colleges that includes comprehensive medical and developmental convoys to the most in need villages in the governorate and some other governorates, workshops, educational and awareness seminars, and training courses, in accordance with the strategic plan of Fayoum University in light of Egypt’s Vision 2030 for sustainable development.

In the same respect, the community service and environment development sector also contributes to the development of society and the surrounding environment by providing a distinguished graduate locally and capable of international competition in the labor market. This is achieved through what the sector does by integrating students in various activities at the college level, and what it does in promoting morals and ideals in order to reach a morally and culturally balanced graduate through holding many seminars, training courses and recreational activities in line with the era of digitization and digital transformation, we must refer to the services and products provided by centers and units of a special nature to our students in particular and the surrounding community in general.

I express my great confidence in the Fayoum University family of academic faculty members, administrators and students to work side by side for the advancement of our ancient university and to complete the march of progress based on scientific basis and modern technologies to seek the elevation of our dear homeland.

I advise my male and female students to participate in all student activities that contribute to the development of individual and group skills, and to seek bright minds towards the locomotive of university and community development.
We pray to Allah to make it easy for us and help us to advance our university and to honor our beloved Egypt.