Honoring 1,200 During the Sixteenth Science Day Celebration

Under the patronage of Prof. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, witnessed the university’s celebration of the sixteenth Science Day.
In the presence of Prof. Mohamed Farouk Al-Khabeery, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President of the University for postgraduate Studies and Research, Prof. Assem Al-Essawy, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, the Deans of Colleges, and the Secretary General of the University. And the honored faculty members, researchers, administrators, and students, today, Monday, April 22, 2024, in the university’s grand celebration hall.
Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata stated that the celebration of Science Day is a return of gratitude, giving and loyalty to all the sons and employees of Fayoum University, and the cadres of scholars and administrators, and honoring the hardworking and distinguished faculty members through the scientific publishing they do and master’s and doctoral dissertations, as well as honoring the administrators who wish to continue academic achievement, Self-development and diligence.
He indicated that Fayoum University seeks to achieve continuous progress through the dedication of those in charge of all its sectors and departments and working in a group spirit to push the university forward success and excel.
Prof. Mohamed Farouk Al-Khabeery said that celebrating science is one of the most important things that universities offer to honor scientists who have real effort and hard work, in order to produce academic studies and scientific research capable of benefiting society, addressing its problems, and meeting the needs of its individuals.
Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan said that Fayoum University is keen every year to express its thanks and gratitude to all its academic and administrative members through Science Day, which is considered a good and praiseworthy tradition.
He stated that the postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs Sector was able during the current year to examine, follow up and review 736 research papers, of which 582 research papers with the highest impact factor were honored, declaring that Fayoum University was able during the past few years to achieve a number of advanced classifications at the international level, especially after a number of research papers were published in the fields of physics and zoology in the journal (NATURE), as well as an increase in the number of faculty members who contributed to the name of Fayoum University appearing on the list of the top 2% of most cited scientists, according to the study conducted by researchers from Stanford University.
For his part, Prof. Assem Al-Essawy said that the celebration of Science Day is a symbol of appreciation for the value of knowledge and education and the multiple and sincere efforts made by scholars in order to achieve the highest ranks and positions and achieve the desired progress.
He announced that Fayoum University is fully aware of its important role in serving society and all its categories, declaring that the community service and environmental development sector has carried out many activities and events, including carrying out 129 medical convoys and 4 veterinary convoys and participating in 70 community initiatives, 180 training courses and workshops, and 8 employment forums, and 4 charitable exhibitions. The literacy axis of the Community Enlightenment Project was able to provide 940 classes to combat illiteracy and eradicate the illiteracy of 12,000 illiterate people. A number of cooperation protocols were also concluded with the relevant institutions.
During the sixteenth Science Day celebration, Prof. Ahmed Fathy, former Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, delivered a speech on behalf of the honorees, during which he stressed that Fayoum University’s efforts to honor distinguished cadres represent accolades on the chest, especially in light of the university’s continuous endeavor to achieve sophistication and improvement, and that the progress of the nations is achieved by paying attention to what the universities that are considered beacons offer for science and knowledge.
He stressed that investing in knowledge is one of the vital issues at the present time, and this investment is achieved through the production of scientific research for knowledge, as well as the transfer of knowledge through teaching, training and education, in addition to the application of knowledge in partnership with the concerned authorities with the aim of benefiting from various research, inventions and studies carried out through integrated work teams work accurately, honestly and efficiently.
It is noteworthy that the Fayoum University celebration began at nine-thirty in the morning with a parade queue and souvenir photos were taken in front of the university administration building. Then the honoring ceremony began in two periods, where the first period included the distinguished faculty members contributing to the publication of two research papers in the international magazine (Nature), and the distinguished faculty members. Teaching recipients of the State Encouragement Award in Arts presented by the Supreme Council of Culture, and the distinguished faculty members who contributed to the name of Fayoum University appearing on the list of the top 2% of the most cited scholars according to the study conducted by researchers from Stanford University, as well as the distinguished recipients of the Excellence in Publishing Award. International scientific research, and the gentlemen administrators who received the International Scientific Publishing Award, the former deans, the former vice deans and former administrative leaders, the Administrative Excellence Award at Fayoum University for the year 2023, and also the Ideal Employee Award at Fayoum University for the year 2023, the Ideal Worker Award at Fayoum University for the year 2023, and the departed from Gentlemen faculty members, and the departed gentlemen working at the university.
The second period included gentlemen members of the assistant teaching staff who hold doctoral degrees, gentlemen administrators who hold doctorate degrees, gentlemen members of the assistant teaching staff who hold master’s degrees, gentlemen administrators who hold master’s degrees, top bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees in colleges, and distinguished students in student activities.
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