Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Inspects Exam Progress in the Central Auditoriums

Under the patronage of Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, Prof. Muhammad Farouk Al-Khabiri, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, inspected the progress of first term exams for the academic year 2022/2021, on Sunday 9/1/2022, at the Central Auditoriums.
Prof. Muhammad Farouk Al-Khabeeri confirmed that the university seeks to provide an appropriate environment for students to perform their exams by taking into account the application of precautionary measures, safe distancing, stressing the wearing of medical masks, and ensuring that students have received doses of the emerging coronavirus vaccine.
He also praised the presence of the subject professor during the exam, the availability of qualified medical staff, a sufficient number of observers and administrative staff, adequate lighting and ventilation in the halls, and students' commitment to the rules governing the performance of exams.