Follow-Up Exams for the Sports Tourism Management Program

Under the auspices of Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, and the supervision of Prof. Mohamed Farouk Ali, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Hamdy Nour El-Din, Dean of Faculty of Physical Education, inspected the exams of the Sports Tourism Management Program, which comes in cooperation and participation between Faculties of Physical Education, and Tourism and Hotels, under the supervision of Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Maboud, Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, and Prof. Hamdy Nour El-Din, Dean of Faculty of Physical Education.
In the presence of Prof. Magdy Abdel Aleem, Professor in the Department of Hotel Management at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Dr. Anwar Ehab, Program Coordinator at the Faculty of Physical Education, and Dr. EIslam El-Sayed, Program Coordinator at Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, on Thursday 16/6/2022.
Prof. Hamdy Nour El-Din explained that the Sports Tourism Management Program is the first program of its kind in the corresponding colleges, and aims to integrate the sports field with the tourism field, to provide greater opportunities for graduates in the labor market after graduation, stressing that the graduate of the College of Tourism and Hotels, who works after graduation in hotels and tourist villages will be qualified in sports and physically, as well as graduates of Faculty of Physical Education who are qualified in sports, and have experience in training and stadium injuries, and their job opportunities in tourist areas will be more available, because the graduate is familiar with the requirements of tourism and hotel work, which contributes to providing more comprehensive job opportunities for graduates of the program.
The Dean of the College was assured of the smooth conduct of the exams, directed to overcome any obstacles that students might face during the exams, and continued to apply precautionary measures and standards of social distancing.
For his part, Dr. Anwar Ehab continued, that the Sports Tourism Management Program is a program for expenses, approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, and the study system in it is according to the credit-hour system, with a rate of 132 hours, divided into 8 semesters, and this year 33 students are studying in the program , due to the program’s novelty and its application for the first year, pointing to the multiplicity of courses that the student studies to include languages, computer, massage, stadium injuries, sports training, team games, and battle games. It also includes sports management courses, organization and management of sports courses in practice and theoretically.