Fayoum Governor Discusses Strengthening Joint Cooperation with the University to Improve the Development and Service Sectors

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansary, Governor of Fayoum, hosted in his office Prof. Arafa Sabry, Vice President of Fayoum University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at the head of a delegation of professors from Faculty of Agriculture, to discuss aspects of joint cooperation between the university and the governorate, under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansary Governor of Fayoum and Prof. Yasser Hatata, President of Fayoum University.
This came in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Emad, Deputy Governor, Major General/ Abdel Fattah Tammam, Secretary General of the Governorate, Eng. Ayman Ezzat, Assistant General Secretary, Dr. Rabie Moustafa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Eng. Ayman Nader, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Irrigation, and Mr. Wessam Farhat, General Director of Production and Economy Affairs.
Prof. Arafa Sabry, Vice President of the University, said that during the meeting, a number of development projects in the governorate were reviewed, to discuss ways to benefit from the experiences of scientists, professors and students of Fayoum University, and work to unify and network the efforts of the university with the governorate, to upgrade these sectors to benefit the citizen.
The mechanisms for restarting and reviving the Jarfs feed factory, upgrading the integrated poultry project on farms, and participating in preparing a map of agricultural crops that can be grown during different seasons of the year according to soil quality and the availability of irrigation water, in coordination with agriculture and irrigation officials, were reviewed.
The Governor of Fayoum pointed to the importance of strengthening scientific, cultural and technical cooperation between the various governorate agencies, with scientists, experts and professors of Fayoum University, in order to advance all aspects of life in the governorate, stressing the importance of the university’s role, especially in this important stage, which requires concerted efforts.
The Governor pointed out to the multiplicity of areas of cooperation between university professors, students and various governorate agencies, both in the scientific fields and engineering consultancy, as well as providing high-quality medical services to the people of the province, in addition to providing assistance in a large number of joint research and service projects, noting that the coming period will witness an expansion of the base of community participation for all sectors of the university, with the aim of bringing about development and renaissance in order to achieve sustainable development and push the wheel of progress forward.
He added that the political leadership and the Egyptian state rely a lot on Egyptian universities in positive participation in order to achieve the desired development that everyone seeks, pointing to the importance of benefiting from all scientific expertise and human cadres at the university, especially the faculties of medicine, engineering, agriculture, science, computers and information, and education. quality, agricultural research centers and others.