Study affairs

Receive the inquiries of colleges and institutes regarding study systems and programs and prepare the necessary notes in this regard and present them to the competent authorities.

Take executive measures regarding the preparation and development of internal regulations for colleges and institutes, and take the necessary measures to present them to the competent authorities and express opinion on them in preparation for taking the necessary legislative measures.

Taking executive measures to implement the decisions of the Council of Education and Student Affairs and the University Council regarding the study and examination systems.

Preparing notes for the academic excellence reward and the two topics related to it, as well as the reward for encouraging study in some departments.

Presenting cases of excuses and suspending enrollment for students to the University Council.

Examining students ’cases with regard to failure opportunities and their eligibility.

Review study schedules and examination schedules for faculties and conform to the internal regulations.

Preparing studies for developing examination systems.

Preparing and presenting notes for the admission of holders of higher qualifications.

Collecting the fatwas of the university’s legal advisor regarding student affairs and making use of them in similar cases.