*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students      *The Faculty of Dentistry - Fayoum University organizes a visit for students of Manarat Al-Andalus Private Schools Complex in Fayoum      *Meeting of the Administrative and Academic Council for Joint Programs Between Fayoum University and the Egyptian National E-Learning University      *Conclusion of the training program for the Women Leading Egyptian Governorates Program
Prof. Dr. Abdel Azeem Mohamed Mustafa Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahman Abdel-Aziz El-Sadey
Prof.Dr. Sayed Abdel Tawab Abdel Hamid Prof.Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdel Zaher
Prof.Dr. Sayed Saleh Sayed Prof.Dr. Nafisa Ahmed Al-Hawari
Prof.Dr. Adly Saadawy Tolba Khaleed Prof.Dr. Samia Hanna Henein Barsoum
Prof.Dr. Akram Ibrahim Ali Prof.Dr. Enas ElSayed Sadek
Prof.Dr. Elham Ahmed Kotb Prof.Dr. Shahinaz Eid Mahmoud
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Said Prof.Dr.Usama Metwali Mohamed Mahmoud
  Assistant Professor
Dr. Ayman Abd-AlKawy Shelaby Dr. Hanaa Mohamed Hawari
Dr. Eid Neimy Faisal Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Salam Ahmed
Dr. Marwa Ahmed Galal Ewies Elewa Dr. Safaa Rgaay Abd El-naby
Dr. Salwa Mohammed Abd El-gawad Dr. Hoda Abdel Halim Meshref
Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Hameed Ahmed Mohamed
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Abd ElRahman Abo Hashima Abd ElRahman Mr. Khalid Ramadan Abd El-Aziz Medani
Ms. Sarah Omar Makram Sayed Ahmed Ms. Marwa Badawi Sayed Ahmed
Mr. Amr Elsayed Ismael Ghanem
Mr.Mohammed Arfa Mohammed Abd Elhafiz Ms. Asmaa Hamdy Ramadan Mahfouz
Ms. Zeinab Atia Abdelhfiz Bahrawy Mr. Ahmed Hussein Eid Abdel-Wanis
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