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*Prof. Hatata Witnesses the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance Center           *University President Inspects the Medical Complex Exams           *University President Inspects Postgraduate Exams in the Faculties of Engineering and Agriculture      *Prof. Hatata Congratulates Pope Tawadros on the Occasion of Christmas      * The Accomplishments of Fayoum University, December 2022     
Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy
The Faculty of Pharmacy – Fayoum University has been established in 2015, according to the Prime Minister Decree No. 1596, upon the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities in session No. 630 /30-5-2015.

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the visit of the committee of developing and evaluation of the new programs from Higher Education Ministry Trip to El-Whah Village


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El Amal Pharmacy contract with Fayoum University

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