Faculty of Science

Dr. Mosaad Ragab Awad

Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6338462 - 084 6344264
Fax number: 084 6370025
E-mail Address: mra00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Building of Faculty Science - Department Chemistry .
Post Address:Fayoum University – Faculty Science -Department Chemistry .
POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.A : in Chemistry - Cairo University - 1995 - 1999 .
M.Sc. : in corrosion of copper alloys in different aqueous media - 2001 - 2005 .
Ph.D: research at School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials Newcastle University UK - Supervisor: Professor Sudipta Roy - 2009 - 2011 .
Ph.D: degree at Fayoum University with title (Electrodeposited nano-Ni-Co alloys, nano-Ni-Co-nano-TiO2 and nano-Ni-Co-µ-Al2O3 composites from gluconate bath) - 2009 - 2013 .
Postdoctoral at School of Chemistry University of St Andrews UK, JTSI research Group (6 months)- 2015 - 2016 .
Academic Positions
Demonstrator : 2001 - 2005 .
Assistant Lecturer : 2005 To 2013 .
Lecturer : 2013 To 2022
Assistant Professor : 2022 until now
"Kinetic Studies on Stability of Passive Layer Formed on Some Copper Alloys in Different Aqueous Media ".
Electrodeposited Nano-Ni-Co Alloys, Nano-Ni-Co-Nano-Tio2 And Nano-Ni-Co-µ-Al2O3 Composites From Gluconate Bath .
Research And Teaching
My main research interests focus on the field of nanotechnology including the synthesis of novel nanomaterials from aqueous and ionic liquid media and their applications on hydrogen energy, magnetic properties, photocatalytic splitting of water, photovoltaics, fuel cell, biological activity, light emitting diode, hardness and corrosion protection. My research involves the synthesis of the metals, alloys, nanosemiconductors (metals oxides, metals sulphide and organic-metals iodide) and nanocomposites using electroplating, microwave, nanoemulsions, solid state reaction, sol-gel, solvothermal, biomimetic, sonochemical synthesis and mixing of these methods. My current and future research will be performed on the production of the novel semiconductors (photocatalysts) for renewable energy as a promising field to supply the clean energy (hydrogen energy) and photovoltaics. I teach the courses of the Physical Chemistry for undergraduate and postgraduate students such as electrochemistry, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrolytes, Photochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Catalysis, Surface chemistry, Nanomaterials and Solid state Chemistry. Supervising the research and reviewing the writing of the thesis of the M.Sc. and PhD students are a part of my job duties.
List of Publications

Cathodic hydrogen evolution in acidic solutions using electrodeposited nano-crystalline Ni-Co cathodes.

Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Electrodeposited NiCo, NiZn and NiCu Nanocrystalline Coatings in Alkaline Solution .

Cyclic voltammetry growth and characterization of Sn–Ag alloys of different nanomorphologies and compositions for efficient hydrogen evolution in alkaline solutions.

Electroplated Ni-Cu nanocrystalline alloys and their electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen generation using alkaline solutions.

Nanocrystalline nickel–cobalt electrocatalysts to generate hydrogen using alkaline solutions as storage fuel for the renewable energy .

Electroplated Zn-Ni nanocrystalline alloys as an efficient electrocatalyst cathode for the generation of hydrogen fuel in acid medium.

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Synergistic Influence of Tricine and Iodide Ions on the Corrosion Control of Carbon Steel in Sulfuric Acid Electrolyte.
Electrochemical behaviour of some commercial stainless steel alloys in Simulated Body Fluid electrolytes,.

Mosaad Negem, H.Nady M.M.El-Rabiei , Nanocrystalline nickel–cobalt electrocatalysts to generate hydrogen using alkaline solutions as storage fuel for the renewable energy, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44, 2019, 11411-11420.

Mosaad Negem, Novel Electroplating of Sn-Ag alloys via Deep Eutectic Solvent and Methionine as Brightener, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, under review, 2019.

Mosaad Negem, Sudipta Roy, Electroplating of Nanocrystalline Ni-Co Alloys using cysteine and their electrochemical behaviour in NaOH solution, under review Surface and Coatings Technology, 2019.

Nady Hashem, Mosaad Negem, Electroplated Zn-Ni Nanocrystalline Alloys as an Efficient Electrocatalyst Cathode for the Generation of Hydrogen Fuel in Acid Medium, accepted, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,. 43, 2018, 4942-4950.

Mosaad Negem, Hashem Nady, Electroplated Ni-Cu Nanocrystalline Alloys and their Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Generation using Alkaline Solutions, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42, 23 November 2017, Pages 28386-28396

H. Nady, Mosaad Negem, Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Electrodeposited NiCo, NiZn and NiCu Nanocrystalline Coatings in Alkaline Solution, Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie., 2017; 231(6): 1159–1178.

N. Hashem, Mosaad Negem Ni–Cu nano-crystalline alloys for efficient electrochemical hydrogen production in acid water, RSC Advances,2016, 6, 51111-51119.

8- Mosaad Negem, Quantum Dots and Nanorods of Tl2HgS2, HgZnS2 and Tl2ZnS2 Synthesized by Nanoemulsion-Microwave Techniques for Photocatalytic Splitting of Water. Electrochem UK 2015 – an oral presentation.
Mosaad Negem, Production of Nano silver using nanoemulsion-microwave mixed techniques, 2nd Edition Nanotech Dubai 2015 International Conference & Exhibition (Nanotech Dubai 2015).
W.A. Badawy, H. Nady, Mosaad Negem, Cathodic hydrogen evolution in acidic solutions using electrodeposited nano-crystalline Ni-Co cathodes, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39, 2014, 10824–10832.
EL-Feky Hesham, Negem Mosaad*, Roy Sudipta, Helal Nadia, Baraka A, Electrodeposited Nano-Ni and Nano-Ni-Co Alloys using Cysteine and Conventional Ultrasound Waves, Sci.China Chem. 56 ( 2013 ) 1446-1454.
H. E. El-Feky, N. H. Helal, M. R. Negem, Electrochemical behavior of some copper alloys in sulfuric acid solutions, Materials and Corrosion, 61 (2010) 599–610.
H. E. El-Feky, N. H. Helal and M. R. Negem, Electrochemical behaviour of some copper alloys in sodium chloride solutions containing different inorganic additives, International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research, 1(2010) 8-22.
Mosaad Negem, 64th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, 8, 2013 “Electrochemistry for a New Era” Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, an oral presentation(Electrodeposited Ni-Al2O3 and Ni-Co-Al2O3 Composites from gluconate Bath).
Mosaad Negem, 63rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in Prague,8/2012 an oral presentation (Electrodeposited Ni-TiO2 and Ni-Co-TiO2 composites from gluconate baths)
Mosaad Negem, Electrochem UK 2010 – an oral presentation (Electrodeposited Ni, Co, and their alloys from gluconate baths).
Teaching, Demonstration And Experience
Demonstrator - Cairo University - 2000 -2005
Assistant Lecturer - University of Fayoum - 2005 - 2012
Postdoctoral in photocatalysis JTSI Group - School of Chemistry - St Andrews University - UK - 2015 - 2016
Lecturer of Electrochemical nanomaterials - University of Fayoum - 2013 - until now
Reviwing Of Highly Impacted Journals
Reviewer for International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Elsevier UK - 2018-until now
Reviewer for Journal of Power Sources, Elsevier UK - 2019- until now
Professional Memberships
Society of Chemical Industry UK (SCI ) and ROYAL SOCIETY of CHEMISTRY have brought people in science and business together since 1881. Members enjoy a range of events, and the pleasure of meeting like minds and exchanging knowledge.
Technical Skills
I can operate Solartron and IM6 Zahner electric, Mebtechnik, Germany to perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and Potentiodynamic polarization techniques. Also,
I can manage µAutolab system
I can be used for cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry measurements. Characterization of nanomaterials can be investigated using several techniques such as SEM, TEM and EDX.
I can obtain the nanomaterials using different methods such as electrodeposition, microemulsions, microwave, solvothermal, sonochemical, biomimetic, sol-gel, solid state reaction and Templates synthesis. Moreover, I manage bX41 (Olympus) optical microscope to characterize the morphology and the thickness of the nanocoatings. I manage the Photocatalytic technology including production of hydrogen using photo-reactor and analysis of the obtained materials using Gas chromatography.
I can operate advanced program to determine the space group and crystal lattice system such as WinXpow and crstalMaker.
Into Newcastle University - SAGE – Academic writing for PhD student - 2011.
Into Newcastle University - SAGE – Academic writing thesis skills - 2011.
Into Newcastle University - SAGE – Academic writing skills Course A,B - 2010.
Into Newcastle University - SAGE – Academic Seminar Speaking Conference Skills Course - 2010
Professor John Irvine
School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews, St Andrews , UK Email: jtsi@st-andrews.ac.uk
Professor Sudipta Roy
Head of Department Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Strathclyde
Email: sudipta.roy@strath.ac.uk