Faculty of Science

Faculty Council

Prof.Dr. Saleh Abd- El aleem Mohammed El-Awney  Dean of the Faculty
Prof.Dr. Ayman Mohamed Salah Youssef  Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
PROF.DR. Somyia el-Sayed Goda  Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
 Prof. Khaled Hussein Zaghloul  Acting Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
 PROF.DR. Soha Mohamed HamdyProf. Ehab Moaz Abo Zeid  Head of Chemistry Department Council
PROF.DR. Ehab Moaz Abo Zeid  Head of Zoology Department Council
 Dr. Sayed Mohamed Abd El-Aziz  Acting Head of Geology Department Council
Dr.Gomaa Mahmoud Abd El-hameed  Acting Head of Physics Department Council
 Dr. Ahmed Ruby Abd El-Tawab  Head of Mathematics Department Council
 Dr. Reda Mohamed Mohamed Taha  Acting Head of Botany Department Council
 Prof. Kamal Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Deeb  Representative Professor for the Mathematics Department
 Prof. Sayed Taha Mohamed Hassan  Representative Professor for the Physics Department
 Prof. Khaled Hussein Hassan Zaghloul  Representative Professor for the Zoology Department
 Prof. Ayman Mohamed Salah  Representative Professor for the Chemistry Department
 Prof. Mohamed Anwar Karam  Representative Professor for the Botany Department
 Prof. Abd El-Naby Ibrahim Essawy  Professor Emeritus at Chemistry Department
 Prof. Gamal Sobhy Ahmed Said  Professor Emeritus at Physics Department
 Prof. Afaf Mohamed Moustafa El-Gendy  Professor Emeritus at Zoology Department
 Prof. Mamdouh Ahmed Mohamed Taha  Professor Emeritus at Chemistry Department
 Dr. Samah Mamdouh Mohamed Fathy  Associate Professor at Zoology Department
 Dr. Tariq Ahmed Mohamed  Assistant Professor at Physics Department
 Dr. Abd El-Latif Mohamed El-Kordy  Chairman of Amesal Mineral Salts Company
 Dr. Mostafa Hassan Bassiouny  Representative of Higher Management and Training and Development Consultant at Style Company for Ceramic and Porcelain