Faculty of Science

Dr. Ahmed Roby Abd El-Tawab Shafay

Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6338462 - 084 6344264
Fax number: 084 6370025
E-mail Address: ars00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Fourth Floor - Faculty of Science
Post Address:: Fayoum – Fayoum University – Faculty of Science - Mathematics Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc: Mathematics - Cairo University , Fayoum Branch -2001
M. Sc: Numerical Analysis - Fayoum University -2007
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: from 2001 to 2007
Assistant Lecturer : from 2007 to 2012
Lecturer : From 2012 TO 2017
Assistant Professor : From 2017 Until Now
Research Interests
Pure Mathematics
List Of Puplication
Summary Of Phd
Two-sample Bayesian prediction for sequential order statistics fromexponential distribution based on multiply Type-II censored samples .
Bayesian inference based on a jointly type-II censored sample from two exponential populations
Bayesian Inference for The Left Truncated ExponentialDistribution based on Ordered Pooled Sample ofRecords
Bayesian estimation and prediction based ongeneralized Type-II hybrid censored sample.
Exact Inference fora Simple Step-stress Modelwith Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censored Datafrom the Exponential Distribution
Estimation of Generalized Exponential Distributionbased on an Adaptive Progressively Type-IICensored Sample.
Bayesian Estimation and Prediction Based onGeneralized Type-I Hybrid Censored Sample
Bayesian prediction of order statistics with fixedand random sample sizes based on k-recordvalues from Pareto distribution
Bayesian Inference Based on Multiply Type-II Censored Sample from a General Class of Distributions
Bayesian Inference Based on Multiply Type-II Censored Samples of Sequential Order Statistics from the Pareto Distribution
Inference on Exponentiated Power Lindley Distribution Based on Order Statistics with Application
Inclusion of fading memory to Banister model of changes in physical condition
Exact likelihood inference for two exponential populations under joint Type-II hybrid censoring scheme
Bayesian Inference Based on Pooled Sample from Two Independent Samples of Record Values
Statistical Inference for Gompertz Distribution Based on Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring Scheme
Step-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests with Progressive Type-II Censored Sample from Two-Parameter Inverted Exponential Distribution