Faculty of Science

Prof.Dr. Arafa Sabry Gomaa Hassen

Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6338462 - 084 6344264
Fax number: 084 6370025
E-mail Address : ash02@fayoum.edu.eg
Office : Faculty of Science Building - First Floor
Postal Address : Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Science - Physics Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B. Sc. : In Education and Science - Chemistry and Physics Department - Faculty of Education - Cairo University - Fayoum Branch - 1989
B. Sc. :  In physics - Faculty of Science - Cairo University - 1993
M. Sc. :  in Physics - Faculty of Science - Cairo University - 1996
Ph. D. :  in Natural Science - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - University of Augsburg - Germany -2003
Academic Positions
Demonstrator : From 1989 to 1996
Assistant Lecturer : from 1996 to1999
Lecturer : from 2004 to 2009
Assistant Professor : From 2009 To 2014
Professor : From 2014 until now
Academic Activities
Supervisor of the Faculty of Nursing From 11/6/2023 until now.
Faculty of Dean from 19/2/2021 until now
Faculty of Dean from 19/4/2017 until 19/4/2020
Fulfillment of the Faculty of Science Graduate Studies and Research from 09/29/2016 until 19/4/2017
Research Interests
Polymer physics .
Superconducting materials such as rutheno-cuprates .
Magnetic properties of metal oxides such as manganites and cobaltates .
Dielectric properties of ferroelectric layered perovskite structure .
List of publications
 The influence of physical ageing on the electrical and swelling behaviour of ternary rubber vulcanizates.
Authors : G. M. Nasser and A. S. Gomaa
Journal : Polym. Degrad. Stabil., 50 (3), 249 (1995).
Determination of the crosslink density of conductive ternary rubber vulcanizates by solvent penetration.
Authors : M. Amin, G. M. Nasser and A. S. Gomaa
Journal : Mater. Lett., 28 (1-3), 207 (1996).
Adsorption and velocity of ultrasonic waves in interlinked SBR Composite.
Authors : M. H. Youssef, G. M. Naser and A. S. Gomaa
Journal : Polymer Testing, 19 (3), 311 (2000).
Structural, transport and magnetic properties of pure and La doped doped RuSr2GdCu2O8.
Authors : P. Mandal, A. Hassen, J. Hemberger, A. Krimmel and A. Loid
Reference : Phys. Rev. B65, 144506 (2002).
Ferromagnetism and superconductivity in pure and doped RuSr2GdCu2O8.
Authors : Joachim Hemberger, Arafa Hassen, Alexander Krimmel,Probhat Mandal and Alois Loidl
Reference : Physica B, 312, 805 (2002).
“Transport and magnetic properties of Ru(Sr1-xLax)2RCu2O8(R=Gd, Eu) superconductor ”.
Authors : A. Hassen, P. Mandal, , b, J. Hembergera, A. Krimmela, P.Choudhuryc, B. Ghoshb and A. Loidl
Reference : Physica C, 398, 123 (2003).
Structural, transport and magnetic properties of the doped magnetic superconductor Ru-1212.
Authors : A. Hassen, A. Krimmel, J. Hemberger, P. Mandal and A. Loidl
Reference : Conference Proceeding AIP, 333 (2003).
Structural, transport and magnetic properties of Ru1-xMxSr2GdCu2O8 (M= Ti and Rh for 0≤ x ≤0.2).
Authors : A. Hassen, J. Hemberger, A. Loidl and A. Krimmel
Reference : Physica C400, 71 (2003).
Doping the ferromagnetic high-Tc superconductor RuSr2RECu2O8 (RE=Gd, Eu).
Authors : A. Hassen, A. Krimmel, J. Hemberger, A. Loidl and P. Mandal
References :Recent Research Developments in Physics 5, 141-158 (2004)ISBN 81-7895-126-6 (Transworld Research Network Publishing)
Effect of Ce on the structural, magnetic and transport properties of SrMnO3 peroveskite
Authors : P. Mandal, A. Hassenr and A. Loidl
Reference : PRB 69, 224418 (2004).
Transport properties of Ti- and Rh- doped Ru-1212 ferromagnetic superconductor.
Authors : A. Hassen, K. Krimmel and A. Loidl
Reference : The XXV international conference on solid state physics and material Science, (2005).
Study of the physical properties of Sm0.6Sr0.4MnO3.
Authors : C.Zybill, A.Hassen, M. Abdel-hafiez, S.Allam, G.Said, and Th.Elsherbini
Reference : International conference in material Science, Alexandria, Egypt (2006).
Phase transition and electric properties of long chain Cd (II) layered peroveskites’
Authors : M. F. Mostafa, A. Hassen
Reference : Phase Transition, 79, 305 (2006).
Transport properties of doped RuSr2GdCu2O8 superconductor
Authors : A. Hassen and P. Mandal
Reference : Supercond. Sci Technol., 19 , 902 (2006).
Transport properties of metallic La1-xSrxCoO3 (0.30 ≤  x  ≤  0.50) Ferromagnet.
Authors : P. Mandal, A. Hassen and P. Choudhury
Reference : J. Appl. Phys.100, 103912 (2006).
Correlation between structural, transport and magnetic properties in Sm1-xAxMnO3, (A = Sr and Ca)
Authors : A. Hassen and P. Mandal
Reference : J. Appl. Phys. 101, 113917 (2007).
Magnetic phase transition and variable range hopping conduction of Y 1 -x Sr< color: #800000">x CoO< color: #800000">3-d .
Authors : A. I. Ali, A. Hassen, B. J. Kim, Y. S. Wu, Bog. G. Kim and S. P. Park
Reference : J. Korean Phys. Soc. 51, 5, 1736 (2007).
Structural, magnetic and electric properties of Dy1-xSrxCoO3-d
Authors: A. Hassen, A. I. Ali, B. J. Kim, Y. S. Wu, S. H. Park and Bog.G. Kim
Reference: J. Appl. Phys. 102, 123905 (2007).
The influence of the tilt angle on the CMR in in Sm0.6Sr0.4MnO3.
Authors : I. A. Abdel-Latif, A. Hassen, C. Zybill, M. Abdel- Hafiez, S. Allam and Th. El-Sherbini. Reference : J. Alloys and Comp. 452, 245 (2008).
A comparative study between Pr1-xSrxMnO3 and Pr1-xCaxMnO3 at 0   x   0.30.

Authors : A. Hassen

Reference : J. Korean Phys. Soc. 52, 1, 98 (2008).
Irreversibility line of Ag-doped Hg-1234 cuprate Superconductor
Authors : M.F. Mostafa, A. Hassan and H. Kunkel
Reference : Supercond. Sci. Technol. 23 (2010) 85010
Production and Dielectric Properties of Biodegradable Polyhydroxybutyrate

Authors : T. A. Hanafy, Khaled Elbanna, S. El-Sayed and A. Hassen

Reference : J. Appl. Poly. Sci.121, (2011) 3306
Dielectric Properties of New Fully Conjugated 2H- and Metal-Pyrazinoporphyrazine Network Polymers

Authors : H. H. Abdel-Razik, S. El-Sayed,  A. Hassen

Reference : : J. Appl. Poly. Sci.121, (2011) 3579
DSC, TGA and Dielectric Properties of Carboxymethyl Cellulose/Polyvinyl alcohol Blends.

Authors : S. El- Sayed, K.  H. Mahmoud, A. A. Fatah and A. Hassen

Reference : Physica B 406, 4068 (2011).
Structural, electric and magnetic properties of PrSrCoO4 and Pr0.4Sr1.6CoO4 layered perovskites

Authors : A. Hassen

Reference : International Journal of Material and Mechanical Engineering 1, 44 (2012).
Structure-Property Relationships in Pr1-xSr1+xCoO4, (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.40)

Authors A. Hassen, A. I. Ali, Bog G. Kim and A. Krimmel

Reference : American Journal of Condensed Matter Physics 2, 4   (2012).
Influence of Cr2O3 nanoparticles on the physical Properties of polyvinyl alcohol.

Authors : A. Hassen, A. M. El-Sayed, W. M.  Morsi and S. El-Sayed

Reference : Journal of Applied Physics, 112, 093525 (2012).
Magnetic and electric properties of Sr2-xYxCoO4, (0.50 ≤ x ≤ 0.80) layered perovskites

Authors : A. Ali and A. Hassen

Reference : Advances in Condensed Matter Physics, Volume 2013, Article ID 714143, 6 pages  (2013).
Dielectric relaxation, structural and thermal studies of 95 MeV O6+ ion  irradiated conducting polymer polyaniline composites

Authors : A.K. Himanshu,, Rajyavardhan Ray, S. El-Sayed, A Hassen, S. K. Bandyopadhayay and T.P. Sinha

Reference : Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids,.doi.org/10. 1080/ 10420150.2013.821990
Formation of Nanosize Griffiths-like Clusters in Solid Solution of Ferromagnetic Manganite and Cobaltite

Authors : D. Bhoi, N. Khan, A. Midya, M. Nandi, A. Hassen,  P. Choudhury, and P. Mandal

Reference : The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , DOI:  10.1021/ jp402726f  (2013).
Ferroelectric, and piezoelectric properties of of BaTi1−xAlxO3, 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.015
Authors: Ahmed I. Ali, A. Hassen, Nguyen Cao Khang,and Y. S. Kim
Reference: AIP ADVANCES 5, 097125 (2015).
Effect of nanosilica on optical, electric modulus andAC conductivity of polyvinylalcohol/polyaniline films.
Authors: Somyia El-Sayed , Tarob Abel-Baset , Azza Abou Elfadl , Arafa Hassen
Reference : Physica B464, 17(2015).
AC susceptibility of the Hg0.3La0.7Ba2Ca3(Cu0.95Ag0.5)4O10+? superconductor
Authors : M.F. Mostafa, and A Hassen
Reference: Physica C: Superconductivity and Applications 528, 12 (2016).
Dielectric relaxation analysis and Ac conductivity of polyvinyl alcohol/polyacrylonitrile film
Authors : Tarob Abel-Basetand ,ArafaHassen
Reference: Physica B499, 24 ( 2016).
The effect of some transition metal oxides on the physical properties of K0.5Na0.5Nb0.95Ta0.05O3 ceramics
Authors : Ahmed I. Ali, M. M. Ahmed, and A. Hassen
Reference: Philosophical Magazine97, 2, 95 (2017).
Synthesis, structural characterization, photo-physical and magnetic properties of cobalt salphen pseudo halide complexes showing meta-magnetic ordering
Authors : A.R.Nassief, M.Abdel-Hafiez, A.Hassen,A.S.G.Khalil,M.R.Saber
Reference: J. Mag. Mag. Mater.452, 488 (2018).
Realization of spectral irradiance responsivity at NIS-Egypt
Authors : MoamenGhazeer, AlaaeldinAbdelmageed, ArafaHassen
Reference: Optik 168, 390 (2018).
Upper critical fields in Ba2Ti2Fe2As4O single crystals: Evidence for dominant Pauli paramagnetic effect
Authors : M. Abdel-Hafiez, J. Brisbois, Z. Zhu, A. Adamski, A. Hassen, A. N. Vasiliev, A. V. Silhanek, and C. Krellner
Reference: PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97, 115152 (2018).
High-pressure effects on isotropic superconductivity in the iron-free layered pnictide superconductor BaPd2As2
Authors : M. Abdel-Hafiez, Y. Zhao, Z. Huang, C.-w. Cho, C. H. Wong, A. Hassen, M. Ohkuma,Y.-W. Fang, B.-J.Pan, Z.-A.Ren, A. Sadakov, A. Usoltsev, V. Pudalov, M. Mito, R. Lortz, C. Krellner, and W. Yang
Reference: PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97, 134508 (2018).
Change the ferroelectric properties of Al0.01Ba0.99TiO3 ceramics by Al0.01Sr0.99TiO3doping
Authors: Ahmed I. Ali, Somyia El-Sayed, Arafa Hassen.
Reference: Results in Physics 14 (2019) 102368.
Revealing the role of the 1T phase on the adsorption of organic dyes on MoS2 nanosheets.
Authors : Asmaa M. Omar, Ossama I. Metwalli, Mohamed R. Saber, Gomaa Khabiri, Mohamed E. M. Ali, Arafa Hassen, Mostafa M. H. Khalil, Ahmed A. Maarouf, and Ahmed S. G. Khalil.
Reference: RSC Adv.9, 28345 (2019).
Structural, electric and magnetic properties of Sr1-xBixTiO3 ceramics
Authors : S. El-Sayed, and A. Hassen
Reference: Philos. Mag. Lett. 100 (1). 1 (2020).
Modeling of the absolute spectral responsivity scale based on silicon trap detectors
Authors: Alaaeldin Abdelmageed, Moamen R. A. El Sayed, and Arafa Hassen
Reference: ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 15 (21), 2424, 2020
Synthesis, characterization, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric properties
Of (1-x)BaTiO3-x(BaNi0.5Nb0.5O3) perovskite ceramics

Authors: Ahmed I. Ali and A. Hassen
Reference: J Mater Sci: Mater Electron 32, 10769 (2021).
Impact of rare-earth ions on the physical properties of hexaferrites Ba0.5Sr0.5RE0.6Fe11.4O19, (RE = La, Yb, Sm, Gd, Er, Eu, and Dy)
Authors: A. Hashhash, A. Hassen, W.S. Baleidy, H.S. Refai
Reference: Journal of Alloys and Compounds 873, 159812 (2021).
The detailed studies of the structural and magnetic properties of hexaferrites Ba1-xSrxFe12O19 for 0.0 ≤ x ≤ 0.75
Authors: S. El-Sayed, A. Hashhash, H. S. Refai, A. V. Rutkauskas, W. S. Baleidy,O. N. Lis, and A. Hassen,
Reference: J Mater Sci: Mater Electron 32, 10977 (2021).
Construction of 2D layered TiO2@MoS2 heterostructure for efficient adsorption and photodegradation of organic dyes
Authors: Asmaa M A Omar, Arafa Hassen, Ossama I Metwalli, Mohamed R Saber, Sayed R E Mohamed and Ahmed S G Khalil
Reference: Nanotechnology 32, 335605 (2021).
Synthesis, optical, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of rocksalt Li1.3Nb0.3Mn0.4O2 cathode material for Li-Ion Batteries.
Authors: Mohamed Kamel , Abanoub R. N. Hanna, Cornelius Krellner, Rüdiger Klingeler, Mohamed Abdellah, Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez, Arafa Hassen, Ahmed S. G. Khalil, Tarob Abdel-Baset, Abdelwahab Hassan.
Reference: Crystals 11, 825 (2021).
Optical, magnetic, thermodynamic, and dielectric studies of the disordered rock salt Li1.3Nb0.3Fe0.4O2 cathode for Li-ion batteries.
Authors: M. Kamel, M. Abdel-Hafiez, A. Hassan, M. Abdellah, T. A. Abdel-Baset, A.Hassen
Reference: J. Appl. Phys. 131, 155103 (2022).
3) New fabrication method for di-indium tri-sulfuric (In2S3) thin films
Authors: Ahmed I. Ali, Medhat Ibrahim, A. Hassen
Reference: Scientific Reports 12, 7033 (2022).
Green and cost-effective morter grinding synthesis of bismuth-doped halide perovskites as efficient absorber materials
Authors: Moamen R. A. Elsayed, Ahmed Mourtada Elseman , Alaaeldin A. Abdelmageed, H. M. Hashem, and Arafa Hassen
Reference: J. Mater. Sci: Mater. Electron. 34, 194 (2023).
Some Conferences and Workshops
Training course in electron microscopy (technique& interpretation) 13-16 December 1997.
International Conference of Rutheno-cuprates, Salerno University, Italy, 2001
VII training course in the physics of correlated electron systems and high- Tc superconductors, Italy, 14-25 October, 2002
The XXV international conference on solid state physics and material Science & workshop on photonic materials and optoelectronic devices (II), 6-10 March 2005, Luxor, upper Egypt
National workshop on "measurements& characterization of magnetic materials", 20-21 April 2006, organized by magnetic society of India.
APCTP winter workshop on strongly correlated electron systems, February 5-11, 2007, POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea.
Conference of BK21, 24-1-2007, PNU, South Korea