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Faculty of Social Work


Prof.Dr. Zeinab Moawed el- Bahi

    In the name of God the Merciful
"May our Lord open between us and our people the right and you are the best of conquerors"
The Truth of God Almighty
My sons and daughters are students of college, my colleagues and fellow faculty members and the auxiliary body,
My brothers and sisters from the College and workers
I do not need to express my happiness and gratitude for your precious confidence that you have bestowed upon me to lead this prestigious institution at this current stage in the history of our college.
I am further pleased that, from the very moment I took responsibility
Touched by everyone without exception
A commendable desire to rebuild and restructure,
and unlimited ability to do and give,
And quickly meet the appeal,
Without waiting for a word of thanks or praise,
To rise to the value of our college and its stature to the skies.
This prestigious college is one of the oldest faculties of the university, of which we are all honoured and affiliated.
In order to maintain the high profile that our college has enjoyed for more than 30 years among university colleges in general, social service colleges in particular, there is a need for greater synergy and concerted efforts, and hard work in order for the tender process to continue, we are confident that we can achieve what we aspire to and hopefully at the academic and professional levels, believer that God does not waste wages from better work, let our motto be Egypt above all and dua from the heart to save God Our Egypt proves on the path of the right and goodness of our feet, it is yes sire and yes appointed.

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