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    Preparing for the Fayoum Conference in the Year of Civil Society  

   Prof. Ahmed Hosni, Dean of the Faculty of Social Work, hosted an introductory meeting, in the presence of a prof. Nasser Owais, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, Dr. Emad Abdel Salam, media advisor to the President of Fayoum University; and on behalf of the Regional Union in Fayoum, Mr. Mohsen Rabie, President of the Union, and Mr. Mohamed Ragab, Secretary of the NGOs.
   The meeting dealt with the preparations for holding the Fayoum conference in the year of civil society, scheduled to be held next December, under the auspices of Fayoum Governor and University President, with the presence and participation of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the President of the General Union for community associations and institutions.
   It was agreed to form a joint committee , which will start its work from Tuesday, to complete the rest of the preparations and invitations.

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