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    Congratulations to the Faculty Members  

   The family of the Faculty of Social Work, Fayoum University, led by Professor Ahmed Hosni Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty, presents the most heartfelt congratulations to the faculty members of the facultyfor their selection in the lists of arbitrators for the social service and psychology sector to examine scientific production for the positions of professors and assistant professors, the fourteenth session (2022-2025) at the Supreme Council of Universities, in particular:
  Prof. Ahmed Hosni Ibrahim;
  Prof. YousrySaeed Hosni;
  Prof. Abdel Hamid Zaid;
   Prof. Nasser Owais Abdel Tawab;
   Prof. Muhammad Gamal El-Din Abdulaziz;
   Prof. Mustafa Mohamed Qassem;
  Prof. HalaKhurshidTaher;
   Prof. Moshira Mohamed Shaarawy;
   Prof. Manal Farouk Sayed Ali;
   Prof. Qout Al Quloub Muhammad Farid;
   Prof. Hanaa Abdel-TawabRabie;
   Prof. Fatima Abdullah Ismail;
   Prof. Nadia Abdel Aziz Hegazy;
  Prof. ManalHamdi Al-Tayeb;
  a. Afaf Abdel FadiDanial;
   Prof. Nahla Abdel-Rahim Abdel-Rahman;
   Prof. Salwa Ramadan Abdel Halim;
   Prof. Laila Abdel-Wareth Abdel-Wahhab.
   We wish them further progress.

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