Faculty of Tourism

Aptitude Tests for Tourism Students

Start Date:   6June2011

Expired Date:   30June2011


 The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels announces that it will hold aptitude tests for Egyptian General Secondary Certificate holders from Fayoum and Beni Suef governorates who are willing to join the faculty. The tests will be taken on the premises of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels from Saturday 16/7/2011 until Thursday 21/7/2011 according to the following table:

Day Date Alphabetical Order (Transliteration)
Saturday 16/7/2011 A, B, T, Th, G This alphabetical applies to all entrants.
Sunday 17/7/2011 H, Kh, D, Th, R  
Monday 18/7/2011 Z, S, Sh, S, D  
Tuesday 19/7/2011 T, Z, G, F  
Wednesday 20/7/2011 Q, K, L, M  
Thursday 21/7/2011 N, H, W, Y  

*Items to Bring:
-Students should bring a personal photo, his/her seat number, his/her school name, and educational area.

**For further information, call:
Tel: 084 6352181
Mobile: 016 1040668