Faculty of Tourism

Faculty Establishment

 On September 23rd of 1993, a republican decree was issued to establish the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Fayoum as a branch of Cairo University. This came in accordance with a proposal made by Cairo university council headed by Professor Mamoun Salama, the former president of Cairo University and Mohammad Said Solayman, the former vice-president of Fayoum branch as a member. Studies began with the beginning of the academic year 94/95 in one of the buildings of the faculty of engineering which is presently the faculty of Archeology.

* In 1994 a resolution was passed by Professor Mufid Shehab, the former president of Cairo University, to appoint Professor Mahmoud Heweidi as the first dean of the faculty. In the same year, the first class which amounted to 276 (47 females, 229 males) joined the faculty.

* In 1998 Dr. Farouk Ismael, the former president of Cairo University, attested the results of the B.Sc. of examinations of the first class of graduates.

* In 2001 Professor Mufid Shehab, the former minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Professor Naguib Al-Hilaly Gouhar, the former president of Cairo University, inaugurated the training hotel which is attached to the faculty and is considered as one of the best fully-equipped training hotels in Egyptian universities.

* On March 27, 2002 Professor Nashaat Essayed Mortada was appointed vice-dean of education and students’ affairs. He has actively participated in founding and furnishing the new faculty building which is the most unique one of all Tourism and Hotels faculties’ buildings in Egyptian Universities.

* In 1999, postgraduate studies began for the assisting teaching staff in the faculty and at the beginning of the academic year 2005/2006, registration for postgraduate studies in fields of specialization began for graduates holding B.Sc. in Tourism and Hotels. In the same academic year (2005/2006), studies for the two-year diploma program in one of the three fields of specialization (tourism, hotels, tourism guidance) began for graduates of different faculties and equivalent higher institutes.

* The building of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels is within the university campus. Construction costs amounted to 14 million pounds. The building consists of 5 storeys and a fashionable modern training hotel attached to it.

* Faculty logo includes ancient Egyptian monuments discovered in Fayoum as well as governorate’s tourist attractions (Qaroon Lake – Fayoum Waterwheel – Sinosert Obelisk – Lahoon Pyramid).