Faculty of Tourism

  Field Training for Students of the Department of Tourism Studies

Within the framework of practical training for students of the Department of Hotel Studies and in order to achieve the mission of the department and under the guidance of Prof. Nagwa Ibrahim Zoair, Acting Dean of the Faculty and Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs,
Prof. Mohamed Shedid, Acting Head of Hotel Studies Department,
and under the supervision of the professors teaching the food and beverage production course (2) for the third year:
Prof. Mohamed Abdel Wahab
Prof. Omar Qura,
Dr. Mostafa Abdel Mawla,
groups (1) and (2) went to Norias, the Regional Training Center of Fayoum University, to receive the weekly practical training.
Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Hafez, Teaching Assistant, Department of Hotel Studies, followed up on the training of the students, as Chef Shaaban Ayoub provided the training.
Practical training is an effective element that characterizes the department, refines and develops students' skills and to qualify them for the labor market distinctively.