Internationalization is an integral part of Fayoum University’s mission, and an important part of the University’s institutional fabric and fundamental character. Over a short course of time, Fayoum University has gained an international presence. It has managed to set up cooperation program and establish broad and close inter-collegiate exchanges. Fayoum University has signed exchange and cooperation agreements with a number of international universities from USA, UK, China, Japan, Canada, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, and Cameroon.

The following institutions have current IMOU agreements with Fayoum University:

Carleton University
Zhejiang  University
Colorado State University
Kumamoto University

University of Waterloo
Kyushu University
University of Palestine
Ningbo University

Appalachian State University
University of Science and Technology
Sichuan International Studies University
Kassala University

University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC)
University of Yaoundé