Fayoum University is the First in Africa and locally in Specialization of Plants and Environment in the Scimago Global Ranking

Fayoum University obtained a distinguished ranking among universities at the global and local levels in the Scimago Global Institutions Ranking, where it ranked 2825th globally among 4762 universities, and ranked 17th locally among Egyptian public universities.
At the level of scientific specializations, the university ranked first in Africa and locally in the plant and environment specializations. The university also ranked among the top 10 universities in 5 other scientific specializations, as follows: second place in the arts and humanities specialization, and third place in the agricultural sciences specialization, and fourth place in the field of earth sciences, ninth place in the field of management and business, and tenth place in the field of veterinary sciences.
The Scimago ranking of research and academic institutions is one of the most famous international rankings. In its evaluation of universities, this classification relies on three indicators: research performance (50%), innovation outcomes (30%), and societal impact (20%), and 17 are included under these indicators. A sub-indicator for performance evaluation.
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