A Cooperation Protocol Between Fayoum University and the Japanese Yazaki Corporation for Manufacturing Wire Harness for Vehicles

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansary, Governor of Fayoum, and Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between Fayoum University Center for Professional Development and the Japanese Yazaki Corporation for Manufacturing Wire Harness for Vehicles. The protocol was signed on behalf of Fayoum University by Prof. Assem Fouad El-Essawy, vice president of the university for Community service and environmental development affairs, and on behalf of Yazaki Corporation, Eng. Ahmed Badawy, managing director of yazaki Egypt corporation for manufacturing wire harness for vehicles, on the sidelines of the first employment forum, , Monday, 29/4/2024, in the Grand Celebration Hall of the University Administration Building.
In the presence of Prof. Mohamed Farouk Al-Khabeery, Vice President of the University for Education and Students Affairs, Prof. Arafa Sabry, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Mohamed Emad, Deputy Governor.
Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata confirmed that the University Center for Professional Development was established in 2023 within the framework of cooperation between the American University in Cairo and Fayoum University, and with the support of the United States Agency for International Development in order to raise the skills and capabilities of Fayoum University students and prepare them for the labor market.
The center also helps students pursue their professional choices and facilitate their entry into the labor market, in addition to facilitating students’ knowledge of training and employment opportunities by advertising them or through employment fairs held by the university, as these training courses help bridge the gap between the outcomes of university education and the needs of the labor market and increase the competitive ability of graduates in the labor market, to become productive citizens in their communities.
Prof. Assem Fouad El-Essawy said that the cooperation protocol aims to support the implementation of the programs of the University Center for Professional Development, which includes 6 programs, which are: introducing students and graduates to the labor market and filling their information needs about the actual and existing market in Fayoum Governorate. It also provides training and awareness services for students and graduates and assisting students in obtaining jobs within their business headquarters and providing opportunities through their relationships as well as participating in employment forums.
He added that the university will provide general and specialized consultation and training services for university students, provide graduates with skills and knowledge in the event that the company needs to fill jobs, and provide and hold conferences through which the company can present its ideas and vision, as well as help students reach the desired goal by achieving the efficiency required for the market. Working and participating in awareness and introductory activities, competitions, and student competitions, as well as helping to increase students’ awareness of the labor market environment and announcing the job and training opportunities available at the company to graduates of the center through the various employment activities offered by the center, and providing assistance and participation in employment forums and dialogue tables organized by the university. Providing annual summer training in which applicants are selected through a competition supervised by the University Center for Professional Development and the company.