Opening of the University Teacher Preparation Course No. 49

Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, witnessed the opening session of the forty-ninth university teacher preparation course, which continues during the period from 12/5/2024 until 16/5/2024. In the presence of Prof. Mohamed Farouk Al-Khabeeri, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Assem El-Essawy, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. Amal Gomaa, Dean of Faculty of Education, vice deans, and a number of faculty members, Sunday, 12/5/2024, in the conference hall of the Faculty of Education.
Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata confirmed that the university teacher preparation course is one of the most important courses that Fayoum University pays great attention to, due to its great importance in developing the capabilities of the faculty members and the supporting staff during it, especially since it takes place at the level of all Egyptian universities, and work is underway to do more efforts to improve and develop it.
He indicated that the course works to familiarize the members of the supporting body with all their duties and specializations, in addition to the mechanisms for dealing with different groups during their academic practices and work.
Prof. Mohamed Farouk El-Khabeeri also directed that faculty members and supporting staff and those wishing to be promoted must enroll in the university teacher preparation course and pay attention to passing it, because of its significant role in familiarizing faculty members with ways to transfer cognitive information and academic materials to students.
Prof. Assem El-Essawy explained that the course allows participants to know the activities and objectives of the various sectors of Fayoum University in a better and more distinct way, and also reflects adherence to the value of continuing training and acquiring skills.
Prof. Amal Gomaa also continued that the university teacher preparation course comes in accordance with the law regulating universities, with the aim of introducing participants to the basics of building the university curriculum and aspects related to teaching strategies at the university level and the university obligations of the faculty member, which relate to teaching, examinations, evaluation and follow-up mechanisms, university student psychology, and automation of systems. Education in terms of question banks, the electronic achievement file, and electronic marking, in addition to the ethics of scientific research and teaching strategies at the university level, in addition to the university and the Fayoum environment community in terms of the university’s role in community development and introducing units of a special nature to the university, and the services provided to faculty members and the fellowship fund and medical care.
Prof. Ahmed Ali, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education for Postraduate Studies and Research, continued that the course is one of the most important courses held by the college, which aims to shed light on comprehensive quality management, institutional accreditation, the basics of digital transformation, and the infrastructure of the university’s information network, as well as the electronic portal project, micro-teaching, and the development of administrative competencies. Scientific research and its importance, conferences, missions and international classifications.