The University President Opens the Local Science and Engineering Fair

Prof. Yasser MagdyHatata, President of Fayoum University, opened the activities of the local science and engineering fair (ISEF - Fayoum - 2022), on Wednesday, 5/1/ 2022 at the Central Library of the University,which is organized by Fayoum University in cooperation with the Department of Technological Development in the Directorate of Education in FayoumGovernorate. The opening was attended by Prof. Muhammad Saeed Abu Al-Ghar, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Muhammad Farouk Al-Khabiri, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. ArafaSabri Hassan, Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations, Prof. Kamal Ghallab, head of the juryand coordinator of the fair and Competition at the university, Ms. Samah Ibrahim, Director of the Education Directorate in Fayoum, a number of deans and vice deans of faculties, and faculty members.
Prof. Yasser MagdyHatata confirmed that, in line with the directions of the Egyptian state, towards launching the national initiative to build a society that learns, thinks and innovates, and within the framework of Fayoum University’s keenness on continuous cooperation with the Directorate of Education, with the aim of spreading the culture of scientific research, the university hosts the activities of the Local Fair for Science and Engineering,from 4 to 5 January. He added that arbitration and evaluation work will be on 11 and 12 January, after which the results will be announced and prizes distributed.
He also indicated that the total number of projects participating in the fair is 112, including five projects for integration students from all educational departments, in addition to the Department of Special Education.
Prof. Kamal Ghallab explained that the projects include behavioral and medical research, medical devices, chemistry, environmental sciences, embedded systems, chemical and physical energy, environmental and mechanical engineering, resource sciences, plants, software and robotics.
He pointed out that the jury of the fair consists of faculty members in the faculties of Engineering, Science, Nursing, Computers and Information, Specific Education, Social Service, Agriculture, and Medical Administration, in addition to members from the Egyptian radio and the Directorate of Education.
He also explained that the criteria for evaluating the research and projects of the participating students include answering questions, understanding basic science, a good understanding of the results and what was drawn from them, the degree of independence in implementing projects, and estimating their potential economic, scientific and social impact, as well as the proposed ideas for continuing the research in the future.
He added that with regard to the projects of the teams participating in the fair, the evaluation criteria also depend on the contributions and understanding of the project by all team members.