Seminar Entitled "Africa - Undiscovered"

Prof. Yasser MagdyHatata, President of Fayoum University, attended a seminar entitled "Africa - Undiscovered" organized by the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies of the Nile Basin Countries, on Wednesday, 5/1/2022 at the Central Library.
The seminar was attended by Prof. Muhammad Said Abu Al-Ghar, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Muhammad Farouk Al-Khabiri, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. ArafaSabry Hassan, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Mahmoud Ali Abdel Fattah, Acting Dean of the Institute of Research and Strategic Studies for the Nile Basin Countries, in addition to anumber of deans of faculties, former deans of the institute, faculty members and students.
In the seminar, lectures were given by Prof. Yousry El-Sharqawy, the economist and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, Prof. AdlySaadawi, formerDean of the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies for the Nile Basin Countries, and Prof. Muhammad Fayez Farhat, Director of the Al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies.
Prof. Yasser Hatata pointed to the political leadership's adoption, during the current period, of a pivotal and effective role among the countries of Africa, the restoration of diplomatic, economic and investment relations with them, and the presence of the Egyptian state as a mainstay for the independence of many African countries.
He stressed that the current period is witnessing many initiatives from all state bodies to consolidate the bonds of mutual and serious cooperation to create investment opportunities that benefit the countries of the continent to compete with the majorpowers that look to the African continent with a promising future view because of its undiscovered natural resources and untapped human energies.
On his part, Prof. Muhammad Said Abul-Ghar stressed that investing in the African continent is a promising investment; as it possesses an important part of the reserves of natural resources in the world. He added thatFayoum University is making a tangible effort to strengthen Egyptian-African relations represented by the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies of the Nile Basin Countries at the cultural and educational level, and holding many forums and seminars concerned with African affairs.
Prof. Mahmoud Ali Abdel-Fattah explained that the seminar comes to achieve the most important objectives of the Institute in understanding the nature of the African continent and strengthening Egypt's relationship with the Nile Basin countries, in order to refine the knowledge development in the African issues.
He added that the Institute of Strategic Research and Studies for the Nile Basin Countries has a special nature as one of the research centers specialized in issues and problems of African affairs, which contributes to enriching scientific knowledge. He stressed that although the Institute was established only 10 years ago, it has become among the distinguished research centers in Egypt, which confirms the effective and distinguished role of the Institute's efforts.
In the same context, the seminar included three main themes:
The first theme was"The Role of Business and Civil Society Organizations in Promoting Joint African Action”, which was addressed by Prof. Yousry Al-Sharqawi, pointing out the importance of the role of the private sector in creating investment opportunities in the African continent, and studying the African market well, to build a strong investment system to achieve sustainable development.
During his discussion of the second theme: "Africa - the Continent of Opportunities and Potentials", Prof. AdlySaadawi stressed that the African continent contains enormous natural resources, and it is necessary to change the mental image of the African continent, as the continent contains 95% of the world's diamond reserves, and 40% Of the world's gold reserves, referring to the international competition for Africa to search and prospect for the vast wealth that has not yet been discovered.
During his lecture on the third theme: "International Competition in Africa", Prof. Mohamed Fayez Farhat explained that the African continent is one of the most important pillars of the international conflict between the dominant and emerging powers, and many great powers seek to form economic and political alliances to enhance their presence in Africa, which will affect the dominance of a number of superpowers during the coming decades.
At the end of the seminar, Prof. Yasser MagdyHatata donated the University’s shield to Prof. Muhammad Fayez Farhat and Prof. Yousry Al-Sharqawi.