Launching Therapeutics and Cosmetics from Natural Sources Conference

Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, witnessed the opening session of the second international conference organized by Faculty of Pharmacy under the title "Therapeutics and Cosmetics from Natural Sources", in cooperation with the International Society for the Sciences of Cosmetics from Natural Sources, during the period from Tuesday 10/5/2022 until Thursday 12/5/2022 in the presence of Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies, Cultural Relations and Research, Prof. Mohamed Saeed Abul-Ghar, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Mohamed Farouk, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Maher Al-Domiaty, Head of the Pharmaceutical Studies Sector Committee, Prof. Ayman Al-Khatib, Vice President of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, Prof. Mona Hafez Hetah, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and President of the Conference, and a number of deans and agents of faculties , faculty members, researchers and journalists, on Tuesday 10/5/2022 in the conference hall.
The conference was also honored by the attendance of Prof. Khaled Ismail Hamza, Former university president, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, the former president of the university, Prof. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Former vice president for education and students affairs, and Prof. Khaled Atallah, Former vice president for education and students affairs. .
Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata talked about the importance of the conference, where it discusses the new in science and technology of using plant ingredients in the production of cosmetics, food, and personal care products, in addition to confronting misleading advertisements that promote unsafe products targeting the health of the citizen, with the aim of profit, without considering the negative effects of these products, and the lack of regulatory and medical measures.
He also pointed to the need to come up with recommendations that increase the citizen's health awareness, and confront this economy based on the trade in products that do not conform to medical specifications.
Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan knew that the university supports these scientific conferences, as they represent a good opportunity for the transfer of scientific and practical experiences between professors and researchers, pointing to the importance of this conference organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, to work on linking industrial, medical and plant products.
On his part, Dr. Maher Al-Domiaty, said that some medicinal herbs and preparations that are advertised lead to health complications, as a result of misleading advertisements that promote goods that do not conform to medical specifications, and have negatively affected the pharmaceutical industry, and led to a state of mistrust and lack of credibility on the part of the consumer. .
He also expressed the need for the conference to come up with ideas that contribute to raising the consumer's culture of natural medicinal preparations.
On her part, Prof. Mona Hetta clarified that the conference themes revolve around the role of organizations in pharmaceutical innovations, phytotherapy and phyto-cosmetics: New Perspectives, phytotherapy and new directions in the fight against infection and cancer.
She also continued that the conference aims to come up with recommendations to adopt new ideas in the manufacture of medicine from natural sources according to specific medical standards of quality and effectiveness, in addition to setting a future vision for the manufacture of medical preparations conforming to specifications and standards, and forming working groups to organize the production, quality and effectiveness of products, in coordination with all the concerned authorities, in a scientific way, to serve as a wall of defense for the citizen against unhealthy advertisements, noting the importance of the media’s role in raising societal awareness.